The Girl with No Past (Predestination Book 1) by Rachel Ledge @rachel_ledge #PredestinationSeries #TimeTravel #Historical #KindleUnlimited


The Girl With No Past (Predestination Book One) by [Ledge, Rachel]


In the year 1919, a woman crash lands in the past, unable to recall even the most basic facts about herself. Her quest for answers turns up more questions, until by chance she meets Damian Glass. After all, some things are meant to be. Or are they?

As Damian helps her discover her unlikely identity, her future comes calling, and she finds herself catapulted into a world of passion, intrigue and danger, where friends and foes merge together, and doesn’t know whom to trust.

When she finally uncovers the mystery of what happened to her, and why, she must face an astounding new reality: What if fate isn’t fate at all? What if it can be controlled?


The Girl With No Past (Predestination Book One)


This is a really quirky read that had me mesmerised by Emerald’s take on the world that she found herself in. Emerald wasn’t her real name but one that had been given to her because she had no idea who she was or how she had arrived in the middle of a field in 1919. As no-one else knew either she was promptly carted off to the local asylum. As little bits began returning to ‘Emerald’ it is a wonder that they didn’t lock the door on her and throw away the key. Emerald was a time traveller and knew of technology far beyond the year that she was in. I really had to cringe and tell her to shhh. Of course it didn’t work.

With the appearance of the charming Damian Glass things began to slip more into place. Emma, Emerald’s real name, is a really strong-minded character in the story. An independent woman who can seem to adapt to her surroundings pretty well. It isn’t long before her judgement of characters is soon put to the test but why would anyone want her dead? There aren’t just leaps in time but leaps of faith in who can be trusted.

What a terrifying idea to think of time travellers sort of stuck in a limbo era, scary and yet fascinating too. I mean who would believe their rants of discoveries that are unthinkable, events that are outrageous and the idea of time travel impossible! There is a taster of a historical event that could have been influenced by one of these specialised teams.

Loved getting to know the characters in this story, especially Emma and Damian.  This isn’t just a time travelling story, this is a mystery, a thriller and a fabulous adventure. It has created a real good solid base for so many adventures in a new series.


Rachel is an award-winning author of historical novels with elements of suspense, romance, and time travel. She grew up in Idaho, Texas, Utah and California due to circumstances that didn’t involve the military. An expat since 2008, she and her husband lived in Sydney for five years before sailing to Singapore, where they lived on a boat for a while before transitioning onto terra firma. She can be found sitting up late at night, reading anything with a compelling storyline.

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The Girl With No Past (Predestination Book One) by [Ledge, Rachel]

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