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Locked in the middle of an iron clad desolate winter, the clotted sky bearing down, as the town slowly vanishes beneath a blanket of dense snow, making the run up to Christmas a treacherous affair for the population of Wigan.

Though for one man the bleak winter weather is the least of his problems, his hands might feel numb with the cold, but his body burns, feverishly hot. Agony, raw and visceral cascades through his brain slowly tearing him apart, until he stumbles across a remedy. Killing is the miraculous cure all, the one thing that eradicates the pain, though the relief is short lived and as the need to quell the agony increases he finds himself looking for another victim, another cure.

For Lasser things have never been better, he has a woman in his life, someone who helps soothe his damaged soul, someone who loves him just as he is.
Though things are about to change as the team find themselves hunting the killer across a barren landscape in which only the strongest will survive.

As the killing escalates Lasser discovers the horrifying truth, some victims deserve to die.
Though the man who hunts in the darkened snow smothered town has no concept of guilt or innocence, all he wants is to keep the pain away then he can concentrate on making those he hates the most suffer an endless agony.
Lasser has no idea that the case will take him to places that will tarnish his soul forever as he desperately tries to stop a man who will never cease his butchery and killing while he lives and breathes.
Though in plain sight someone else is working to a twisted scheme, one built on retribution and violence and as Lasser becomes consumed with finding the killer, someone much closer to home is planning their own revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.


Desolate Hearts: A heart stopping DS Lasser novel (DS Lasser series Book 18)


Oh boy this Lasser story will leave you emotionally ragged when it comes to the end! Wigan maybe in a whiteout but one man is certainly painting the town red, as fury overflows from years of being a good guy pushed once too much. The first kill is impulsive but boy you can feel his tension melt away, well just for a little while….

It is almost Christmas and Wigan is steadily grinding to a halt as it seems like the snow will never cease but there is one hell of a melt down going on everywhere in this story. Glad tidings are certainly scarce as the bodies, or parts of them, keep turning up making driving to the new horrific scenes, in these horrendous conditions, like snow boarding down mount Everest.

The good thing is love is in the air but, there is always a but…. when you read Lasser books you never take anything for granted it is like a Wigan curse. Think ying and yang except there is a lot of yang in Wigan! And Robin Roughley really knows how to hit his readers hard with the yang, making this a cracking top of the league story again that will leave you desperate for the next book before you finish this one. I was crushed, I was speechless and I was left needing to know so much more.

Bannister, Lasser, Odette and Spenner, are the good guys that are like family to each other but no-one has a patch on author Robin Roughley when it comes to being brutal with his characters, as he pulls these Wigan Warriors, that make up the police department, to pieces. There just isn’t a team like them. This story is no exception, in fact he has out done himself this time. I am revved up and ready because oh boy is there trouble coming. Bring it on! (And very soon please)



Robin Roughley hails from the town of Wigan in the North-West of England and is the author of the hugely popular DS Lasser crime series.
Prior to writing about Lasser he produced four plays that would fall into the
dark comedy category, two of which were showcased at theatres in Manchester and Yorkshire.

Since then he has self-published seventeen Lasser crime thrillers and is currently working on number nineteen in the series. As usual Lasser and co. are leading him a merry dance. They are the ones who write the stories, Rob just gets led by the nose and has no choice but to follow. It always comes as a surprise to him that at the end, the stories all work out and the crimes solved. But just as he finishes one book, Lasser is pecking his head with another idea.

There is also Lasser: Beginnings. A short story from way back, but even then, Lasser was showing the characteristics that he has later perfected. Together with the burgeoning conscience that now has set up home in his head.

On March 9th 2017, Rob released the first book in the DS Marnie Hammond series, Keep You Near, published by Bloodhound. DS Marnie Hammond hails from Lancashire, in the fictional town of Kirkhead. Like all good detectives, Marnie comes with her own unique set of crime-solving skills. Cut the Threads, was published on the 22nd Feb 2018.

In an exciting new venture, the popular anti-hero, Plymouth, stormed in on August 15th 2017 with a book of his own, Stormcock. And this time, Plymouth most definitely is in charge, dragging Rob, whimpering in fear, in his wake. He lets slip a few secrets of his past which explain his present-day actions. But shhh, not a word to Lasser!

When not writing, which amounts to roughly two days a year, he can be found walking the canal towpaths of Wigan, sorting out plot lines and looking for ideas, with an assortment of dogs in tow.

So, next time you see a shaven-headed, middle-aged man wandering about, scratching his head, looking bewildered and taking random pictures it is Rob hoping for divine inspiration.

If you like your crime to be hard hitting and gritty with an assortment of characters that feel like friends then feel free to jump in at the deep end.

The Lasser series are stand-alone novels though to get the full experience of getting to know the characters involved then Rob suggests you start with Lasser Beginnings and take it from there.


LASSER NOVELLA (Find out a little more about Lasser) AND BUY LINK

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