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Say ‘hello’ to charming Greenwater. Crossing our famous covered bridge into town, you’re sure to be met by warm smiles and a hearty Vermont greeting. While you’re here, why not take a trip out to Rum Cherry Ridge for some world class skiing, tour the site of our historic marble factory, or just kick back and relax with new friends in the town that’s easy to love, and impossible to leave!

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a weapon.

You’re going to need it.

Derrick Aldridge isn’t planning on seeing the sights. He’s only in Greenwater, along with his wife Jasmine and teenage son Lee, to settle an ancient family dispute. He believes he will spend no more than a couple of hours in the tiny, isolated town.

But Greenwater is gripped by an almost preternaturally powerful storm, and when the night sky is ripped apart by a sound that definitely isn’t thunder, Derrick begins to suspect that the place isn’t all that it appears to be.

He’s right.

There’s something wrong with the residents of Greenwater.

Something dangerous…




I have been very patient for this book, having read everything that this author has written and having been mesmerised with this book I now know that Greenwater Vermont is definitely not going on my bucket list of must visit places!

If you want to read something normal, then you need go no further than the first couple of pages, where Greenwater sounds idyllic, then, well, a storm, a weird noise and all change. Well not all, there is a few people unaffected by the ‘whatever it is’, well they are affected by the affected but they don’t go crazy. It is carnage, now I am talking anything goes here as it is an incurable hunger to kill, with a cheesy smile being a must. Yes the people of Greenwater know how to party.

The story centres round a family that have been split up before it all kicks off. Derrick Aldridge, his wife Jasmine and son Lee and only staying over night so while Derrick has some unfinished family business to tie up with his older estranged brother, who lives outside town, Jasmine and Lee stay at the hotel. Hence the story goes between Jasmine, Lee and Derrick and his brother Tyrone. The story does fill you in on details of the background of the family. I will just say that no matter who you are, you just don’t mess with a mother and her child. I didn’t like Jasmine but hell she was one feisty lady.

Lee and his brother make cracking reading too. Loved the backdrop story and present day time with them. Two brothers couldn’t be more different, there is history in the past and history in the making in the present. The book brings all your worst nightmares into one place. The Shining, It and night of the living dead (without them being dead), Jurassic Park type scenes (without dinosaurs) and so much more. It is action all the way, very gruesome, very full on descriptions and very full on none stop adrenaline dripping sentences that come one after another from two pages in to the end. It makes the ‘normal psycho’, that is running round town, seem pretty tame. Did I just say that?

As with all of Mr. Griffiths books there is always something much deeper than it first seems. It is such scary stuff, spine shudder, bloody hell stuff! I admired Jasmine, loved Tyrone and Derrick grew on me. Lee bless him was such a sweetie after he lost the attitude. This book was two years in the making but hell it was worth the wait. Awesome!


K.R. Griffiths

K.R. Griffiths is the author of eleven books, including the six-part zombie apocalypse series Wildfire Chronicles, serial killer horror Survivor, and the Adrift trilogy. His novels Panic, Survivor, Last Resort, Adrift, Adrift 2: Sundown and Adrift 3: Rising are all former Amazon horror number 1 hits in both the USA and the UK. His twelfth and latest novel, Greenwater, was released on 17 August 2018

Griffiths is a former journalist and editor, and maintains an unhealthy obsession with all things horror-related. He lives in the UK with his partner, Emma, three deranged cats, and an imagination that sometimes concerns even him.


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