The Colour of the Soul by Richard T. Burke @RTBurkeAuthor #CrimeThriller #KindleUnlimited #Review



I can see the colour of your soul.
Annalise Becker wakes from an eleven month coma with the ability to sense a person’s aura. But why won’t her family tell her what happened? What dark secret is her mother hiding? And why is there a guard outside her hospital room?
Hunted by a psychopathic killer and accused of a crime she can’t remember, she must use her new skill to separate the truth from the lies before it is too late.


The Colour of the Soul


Don’t take this book to bed thinking that you will just read a couple of chapters because you will be seeing the sun come up! Oh boy, what an opening, it didn’t just waken every sense I had it also woke a young woman who had been in a coma, for the past 11 months! But that was just the beginning, now the story really began.

I was truly fascinated by this story especially as I like a little of the supernatural that can rest on the ‘is it real or not’ fence. Annalise had woken from a coma to have no recollection as to how she got there, yep she knew who she was, yep she knew everything until that fatal day when someone died and now she saw people differently. Now people had an aura which she was quickly trying to work out the mood related colour scheme for everyone, pretty cool!

So many people wanted her to remember, including the police but most of all she needed to remember for her own sanity, so against the advice of her doctors she took a step into another bit of a dodgy area to find out, which made some people edgy and put some in grave danger. Oh boy this was good, It had it all. The tension was spot on building constantly and lulling me into this is it moments, only to become even darker and turn on to another blind alley.

There are some brilliantly portrayed characters in the story which can play with your mind as to why they behave like they do, it makes for a super story. I chopped and changed every chapter as their auras took on new colours when more of the past was revealed. Then Whoa, my reading speed matched my have to know curiosity. A brilliant book that wiped me out! Love the cover too!


Richard T. Burke

Richard T. Burke is the author of The Rage, Decimation: The Girl Who Survived, and The Colour of the Soul.

His novels are thrillers with a twist thrown in that separates them from more conventional books in the genre. He also contributed a short story, A Christmas Killing, to the Bloodhound Books charity horror anthology, Dark Minds.

Richard lives with his wife, Judith, daughter, Emily, and black Labrador, Max, in the village of Rotherwick in north-east Hampshire, UK.





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