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A few years after Sarah Wangai vanished, Hayato Sano graduated from the Eagle King’s Academy. Two days later, he disappeared.

Axel faces his greatest challenge yet when he and his fellow students attend the most extravagant party of the year – the Diamond. The students are forced to test their skills against the world’s foremost elite. But the games Axel play turn treacherous, and soon he finds himself playing for his life.

Meanwhile, The Box is stepping out of the shadows. No one knows they’re coming, no one but Axel.

The Box: Puppets and Puppeteers is the second book in the acclaimed Eagle King’s Academy Series.


The Box: Puppets and Puppeteers (The Eagle King’s Academy Book 2)


This is the second book in this series which is already acquiring a strong following and so well deserved too. In the first book I met Axel who had been singled out of main stream university students to attend The Academy and join an elite group of students that train to be world leaders but all being controlled and manipulated by an even higher power. No-one can simply leave The Academy, if they aren’t with The Academy they are against it and if they are against it they die.

This book is set a few years after the first and whoa has Axel, the main character in the series, has changed. Axel was always the brightest student but there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, now Axel had matured and he wasn’t quite as gullible as he once was. Not long into this book the students are invited to attend a massive ball for the elite. Oh wow, the author really set my imagination on fire in these chapters as the story takes on a much darker side of just how powerful and untouchable the top players of the world’s manipulation are. The ball is magnificent in its grandeur, spectacular with its secrecy and very deadly with its games. Oh wow, OH WOW! I will say no more on it because you must read it!

Although the core story surrounds Axel there is a back drop to a former student in the past again. The first book did the same. These really open your eyes to power that not only The Academy have but the ones with ultimate control. These are scary people.

I really liked getting to know a little about his fellow students which I feel will play some pretty massive roles further down the series. It really is a case of “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, but unfortunately friends for Axel are not something he seeks with his peers.

I love how the author has developed the characters, I really liked Axel in the first book, a young man with an innocence about him but as I leave this book I have an unease about him, I have seen the lengths that he will go to and he will let NO-ONE stop him! Oh boy, the thought of the next book just makes me tingle all over!


C.C. Monö

C.C. Monö (Carl Christian Monö) is the author of the Eagle King’s Academy Series. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden in June 1977. As the son of two development aid workers, he spent nearly 10 years in Africa between 1977 and 1994). He has also lived in Brussels and Serbia.

In 2007, mostly out of curiosity, Chris began exploring the world of followership. In 2013 he published a non-fiction book: Beyond the Leadership Myth, in which he presented a different perspective on leadership/followership. Soon thereafter, Chris had the idea for the Eagle King’s Academy series while giving a guest lecture at Linköping University. His day job is as a compliance manager at an international financial company.

Chris lives in Stockholm with his wife and two daughters.


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