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Firstly I wish to thank Jill Burkinshaw for inviting me on this Blog Tour for SOMEBODY TOLD ME by Stephen Puleston



A gangland murder…
When DI John Marco discovers the body of Felix Bevard he knows instantly the killing was a professional hit. But the criminal underworld don’t share secrets easily and with no apparent motive, Marco is forced to delve into Bevard’s murky past to try to find the murderer…
An impossible killer…
As Marco examines Bevard’s past crimes, one name keeps cropping up – notorious gangster Jimmy Walsh. A brutal murderer, Walsh has a motive for killing Bevard and the power to do it, but there’s just one problem – Walsh is already behind bars.
A race against time.
Corruption at the heart of the system seems the only answer. How else could Walsh kill with impunity? But as Marco’s investigation develops, new leads spring from cases once thought closed, and the net closes ever tighter on Walsh. Until Marco’s own family begins to face threats to their life that could jeopardise the whole case.
Now Marco must prove Walsh’s guilt or catch the real killer still be at large, before Marco becomes a victim himself…

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Somebody Told Me: An exciting,fast-paced crime thriller (Detective Inspector Marco Book 3)


This is definitely my favourite of the series so far and I had loved the first couple! Everyone needs a holiday and for DI John Marco that was a few weeks away with his son but within a couple of hours of being back it must have seemed like months had gone by. We all meet people in our lives that we will never get on with, well Marco was not only face to face with one of them, the detective in question was now his temporary supervisor. Tempers were going to fray and sparks were on the cards. When a murder occurs it soon points to a hardened criminal serving time as the instigator behind it to order the hit but proving it causes more than a head ache for Marco.

Being a Police Officer Marco has had his fair share of threats but this time this is different.  Crikey! this brings out a new side of Marko and I think this is why I liked this book that little bit more. I had got to know about this damaged DI in the previous books but this really knocked him off-balance. I wondered could this be the thing that will tip him over the edge and oblivion to alcohol again? I hoped not but with an idiot in charge above him making the judgment calls anything was possible.

This story really gets into the politics of the justice system and moral and immoral implications of its decisions. I must admit that this story had heart racing moments for me as well as times that I wanted to lock up people for choices they made. A super story that could be read as a stand alone but really don’t short change yourself, read them all!



I have published the first novel in a series featuring Inspector Drake based in North Wales and also the first in a series with Inspector John Marco based in Cardiff. The first Drake mystery is called BRASS IN POCKET and the second WORSE THAN DEAD. The third, AGAINST THE TIDE.

My second detective is Inspector Marco who comes from an Italian/Welsh background and he lives in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. The first Inspector Marco novel SPEECHLESS has been published on Amazon and the second and third in the series will be published in 2015.

Before turning to crime fiction I had written three other unpublished novels and you can read about my writing and about Wales, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, on my website

I was brought up on the Isle of Anglesey, off the North Wales coast and went to school in Holyhead. After a degree in Theology from London University I decided to train as a lawyer and returned to work in the practice run by my father on Anglesey. For many years I worked as a lawyer in a small practice representing clients in the criminal courts and doing divorce work all of which has given me valuable raw material for my novels.




Speechless: A gripping serial killer crime thriller (Detective John Marco crime thriller Book 1) (Detective Inspector Marco)
Another Good Killing: An exciting, fast-paced crime thriller (Detective John Marco crime thriller Book 2) (Detective Inspector Marco)
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