Fatal Finds in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 4) by Harriet Steel @harrietsteel1 #InspectorDeSilvaMysteries #SriLanka



In this fourth instalment of the Inspector de Silva mysteries, it is monsoon season in the Hill Country. One stormy night, a ghostly encounter on a lonely road leads de Silva into a case of murder, and a mystery that stretches back to Ceylon’s distant past. To uncover the truth, he will have to face death and his inner demons.
Fatal Finds in Nuala is another absorbing and colourful mystery in this series that vividly portrays Sri Lanka’s Colonial past.

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Fatal Finds in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 4)


This series isn’t one to be rushed, it is one to be savoured. Set in Ceylon, Sri Lanka, in the 1930’s there is a different pace to life, protocol to be followed and advice to be listened to by Inspector Shanti de Silva from his, at times, much wiser wife Jane a former Governess.  These are challenging times for de Silva as the Monson season hits Ceylon, he hits a spot of bother with his beloved Morris and a truly mystifying murder to solve.

Archie Clutterbuck, de Silva’s superior, takes a greater interest into this with a step  further back in history revolving round lost artifacts. I really loved this ‘new’ Archie who was obviously missing his wife while she was holidaying on a cruise but it gave him new sort of laid back persona. This gave rise to promises of Shanti taking Jane on a cruise one day too. In the meantime a night away for this super couple, paid for by the police department,  was a more than welcome treat for them, in exchange for Shanti paying a visit to an expert to value his find.  Though the train journey did turn out to be quite lively and fatal for one traveller.

There are some real hold your breath moments in this story as de Silva seems to use up more than his share of nine lives of a cat. So much for moving to the quieter regions of Ceylon to take it a little easier. On each outing in these books I love Shanti a little more. A modern man of his times, with a love of his spicy foods, his car, music and his wife Jane.

You will fall in love with these books, which have the most beautiful covers, with the most wonderful descriptions of the most simplest things. Everything is brought to life with words that feed every single sense you have. So looking forward to more in this truly delightful series, in the meantime Shanti and Jane are going to stay dancing to the music they love in a little corner of my mind. This would make a wonder Sunday evening TV series.


Harriet Steel

Harriet Steel wrote four historical novels before turning to crime with the Inspector de Silva mysteries, inspired by time spent in Sri Lanka (the former Ceylon)). Her work has also appeared in national newspapers and magazines. Visit her blog to sign up to her monthly newsletter for news of new releases and great offers, harrietsteel.blogspot.co.uk/
She’s married with two daughters and lives in Surrey. When she’s not writing, she likes reading, long walks and visiting art galleries and museums.





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