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“…no matter how far you have come, the sounds of your childhood never leave you. Mariana knew the sound of a silenced gun and she ran.”
A girl is kidnapped in China, only daughter of an important regional boss. China 12 send their top investigator, Milo, to find her. In Brazil, a woman is running for her life from a relentless assassin . Operatives go to rescue her.
The disappearance of the girl becomes more puzzling and Milo is arrested. Rescuing the woman attracts the kind of person you don’t want dogging your footsteps.

Nothing is straightforward, everyone has an agenda, fire and tears lie ahead. The events of Brancusi’s Head are suddenly more sinister. Best to take careful steps when dancing a Sao Paulo samba.


A Sao Paulo Samba and the China 12: A different kind of detective


This is the second book in this series and well really do get on board now because it is a beauty. I would say though do start at the beginning with Brancusi’s Head and the China 12. You need to know who the China 12 are, how they became this elite group and why they are so sought after. The first book is cracking, this is stunning.

The China 12 are so unique, with no group like them anywhere in the world. The sharpest minds that have been selected over years of observation from all walks of life. This in itself makes a compelling story. 

The stories are complex and it takes a little time to settle into what is really happening and who everyone is.  There are some mighty powerful International players with massive bank balances willing to go to any length to get what they want. Somethings you just can’t buy and if they can’t buy then they are willing to take the people they are after or pay for someone else to do it for them.

Set a little in front of present day time there are some pretty cool technical additions to personal protection. The body armour is pretty neat with fighting scenes that take full advantage of its use. Within the group are three operatives that work to protect the China 12, Milo, Joanna and Kevin. Although Milo was a key character in the last story, I was more intrigued in this story with Kevin and Joanna, this is heavy stuff. I mean, what I was reading couldn’t be happening could it? Oh boy I didn’t know whether I wanted to read faster or slower. Whoa it was bloody brilliant I was numb!

One of my favourite characters has to be Sam. Sam is a pixie, but not the pixies like you have known before, it really is just a name. Pixies are another quite elite group. They are teens to early twenties and quite a wild bunch of super trackers and fighters. Sam at 21 is getting on a bit and has actually learnt a little self-control but not altogether. She has bigger things marked for her in the future I am sure.

This story is filled with action from start to end where I was left absolutely speechless. There is so much more to come. An absolute belter!


Raoul Morris

Raoul, of Irish, French, American, Spanish and Scots origin, grew up on the mean streets of Dublin, (not very mean). He has lived in eight different cities on three different continents and currently lives in Canterbury UK. He has an abiding love of history and an ongoing affair with science and science fiction, but, more than anything, loves stories.

Raoul has worked as a screenwriter and filmmaker, in theatre as a lighting designer and in restaurants as a cook and dishwasher, (not at the same time).


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Brancusi's Head and the China 12

Brancusi’s Head and the China 12




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