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Firstly I wish to thank LEGEND PRESS for inviting me to read and review MURMURATION by Robert Lock



The starlings dance in mesmerising patterns. In and out, they fold. Up and down. Far below, a Victorian pier juts out into the cold sea, standing the test of time as each generation comes before the next.
As the birds watch, they see everything. From a controversial comedian with a dark side to a fortune-teller who gets a little too close to the truth. A seaside town can be the perfect escape, but while secrets are held, it’s easy to repeat the fates of those who have gone before.

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I have fallen in love with this book and its hypnotic and mesmerizing stories. Five generations of people who were unknowingly connected by a thread, linking all of their destinies together. I just didn’t want it to end and already know that I will come back to it time and time again, the pier will not let me go but then again I don’t want it to.

Built-in 1863 the pier became the centre of seaside entertainment for the working class man and his family. It was also a place where entertainers could perform for a whole season without moving from town to town. A fresh audience came to them every week, and every day new families filled the seats. The story spans from when the pier was erected right up to present day, where rather than make stars for the future it reclaimed the ones that had seen better days.

The book is split into time zones with chapters in each one. Robert Lock introduced me to strangers at the beginning of each section but within a couple of pages I felt that I knew them intimately.  Their dreams, hopes and missed opportunities. It’s about love, loss and uncontrollable distress released in a moment of anger. A feeling and compulsion and trying to solve problems that don’t exist, with some of the most intimate moments of utter unbearable heartbreak captured to perfection like I have never read before.

This is a tremendous work of art, as Robert Lock creates the most vivid images with his beautiful descriptions in every single sentence. At times it is simple and direct and at others more exquisite and flamboyant. It is absolute perfection!

I wish to thank Legend Press for a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Robert Lock

2017 has seen a 43 year-old dream realised with the acceptance of my novel Murmuration for publication by Legend Press. I handwrote my first novel at 14, thought about becoming a biologist then went to be a washer-up in Paris instead. I wrote a novel. Then I wrote another. And another. The complimentary rejection letters came flooding in. I decided to pursue a career in which I was actually paid a salary, gained a distinction on the NCTJ Photo-Journalism course in Sheffield and became a newspaper photographer.

Based in Blackpool for the past 25 years, this surreal place and its inhabitants inspired Murmuration, for which I will be forever grateful.

The important stuff -married with one daughter, lover of Prog Rock, real ale, gigs, Australian Shiraz, motorsport, playing my guitars (badly), floral shirts and my MX5.










2 thoughts on “Murmuration by Robert Lock @roblocksnapper @legend_press #NewRelease

    1. It is a super book. It is a couple of months since I read this so don’t remember exactly where it was but I thought down south but it could be any of them. It is more the essence of it rather than one particular pier. I know the book signing was tonight on Blackpool pier. I think that is brilliant I wish I got have gone to it.

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