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Firstly I wish to thank Kelly Lacey of Love Books Group Tours for inviting me on the Blog tour for THE HEAT IS ON by Helen Bridgett




The sequel to The Mercury Club sees Angie successfully running the business with Charlie and Patty. She is in a relationship with Michael and everything is going well. Charlie returns from a Caribbean holiday with exciting plans to take over a hotel out there – a new but risky venture for Mercury. It all seems perfectly possible, until a rival travel club opens up over the road, and threatens their livelihood and the future of the business. Launch is run by Lorenzo, a smarmy young man who does his best to win them over – only to double cross and cheat Mercury Travel out of their customers. With Lorenzo undercutting them at every step, Mercury must up their game if the business is to survive. Whilst this is going on they continue their plans to take over the Caribbean hotel and Michael goes out to renovate and restore it. Mercury plan new trips to Amsterdam, The Orient Express and Scotland. Along the way, Launch suddenly folds and Lorenzo disappears (along with his customers’ money) – he even takes Angie’s precious Entrepreneur of the Year fountain pen. The Mercury team support those who have lost their holidays and work hard to win back their customers. On a final reccy trip to Scotland, Angie stumbles across Lorenzo in a pub. She confronts him, and with a little help, he is arrested and made to return her precious pen. The book concludes with all the main characters in the renovated Caribbean hotel – it is finally ready to open and Patty has a surprise beach wedding, watched on the Internet by their loyal Mercury customers.

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The Heat is On: A Perfect Feel-Good Summer Read


Now when I saw that the second Mercury Travel Club book was being released I thought yay! then oh no! because that meant that this lovely bunch of people were going to face major problems again and boy was I right! I did see how the gang were getting on at first, in fact they were looking to actually buy a hotel but things went down hill rapidly when competition moved in across the street in the form of slime ball Lorenzo.

This is a super book to get you into the holiday season mood as it dangled all the fabulous places to visit on every page, unfortunately all the best deals were coming from Lorenzo’s side of the road. Yikes this was hurting them where is really hurt as faithful customers were duped every which way possible to book with wide boy Lorenzo. Angie and Charlie’s dream team were falling apart.

I love the humour that Helen Bridgett brings to her novels in the form of Angie’s friends and very over the top mother who had me giggling away with outrageous scenes and cringing, in a good way at others. . As well as all the problems at work some of them are dealing with life’s little niggles too and discovering what it really important. Patty is a full of life character that really gets the stuffing knocked out of her in this story. I always felt like what was happening had that real feel about it.

There are plenty of lovely moments that come together with some real shockers that made me beam. This is a super good feel read, with a beautiful end. Dare I say that I am looking forward to more? Most definitely because they always have each other!

Thanks to Kelly Lacey of Love Books Group Tours for providing an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly



Helen Bridgett

Helen Bridgett was born in North-East England and now lives in Manchester having stopped off at a few places in between. Having failed miserably with every New Year’s resolution that involved diets, one year, she set herself a completely different goal – to write a novel and give it as a Christmas present. The Mercury Travel Club was born and the characters took on a life of their own. Outside of writing, Helen loves hiking and banter with friends.


The Mercury Travel Club: Getting your life back on track has never been more funny!


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