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Firstly I wish to thank Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me on the Blog Tour for THE LOG HOUSE by Baylea Hart

The Log House by [Hart, Baylea]

* Paperback: 240 pages

* Publisher: Unbound Digital (24 Jan. 2018)

* Language: English

* ISBN-10: 1911586467

* ISBN-13: 978-1911586463


The forest is a deadly place.

Nobody knows this better than Penny. She has spent her whole life hiding in the darkness, shielding herself from the terrors that watch and wait within the trees.

When Penny is abandoned and left for dead in the forest, she is forced to navigate this terrifying labyrinth in order to return home to her son and take revenge on the woman who tried to kill her.

But the murderous creatures with the false smiles aren’t the only monsters to lurk in the forest, and some demons may be closer than she thinks.

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The Log House


Well the world has become a whole lot scarier than it use to be. Giving birth has become a thing of the past and not in a good way, because the reproduction of any human had become a thing of the past. Children were a rarity and the outlook was grim. What was hiding in the woods was worse though creatures of the night that live off the living. So now I am thinking well if children are so rare why does this woman in the story not really like her child and secondly I am thinking get the hell out of the woods lady, after Penny, the child’s mother finds herself literally in the thick of it. The woods are a place that people just don’t come back from not once the creatures that live there find them.

Talk about that heart in your mouth moment, the light was fading and Penny’s fight or flight reflex had taken on the second choice as her panic mode goes into overdrive. Talk about a charged atmosphere, it was fair sizzling, she had to find shelter or die, no grey area. These creatures that should have been human but weren’t, never tire, never give up and have just one mission.

As the story unfolds I began to warm to Penny. There are a few really dodgy humans shacked up deep in the woods, where to be honest left a lot to be desired. No one does anything for nothing.  The ultimate goal for her is driven by the determination to get back to her son. The chapters dart to the past to explain how things went wrong, the relationship between Penny and ‘the other woman’ and why someone wants her out-of-the-way. Sometimes you have to deal with the devil to get what you want.

This is an edgy look over your shoulder read that I read at varying speeds or bravery. There are wicked descriptions of these creatures that sort of crept back out of my mind to me when the lights went out. They really do put the shiver down your spine. Their pallor and whoa that stare, it’s like a dog with a bone that they refuse to give up and you are that bone. This is a who do I trust story that if very unforgiving if you get it wrong. Super end too!

I wish to thank Anne Cater for a proof e-book which I have read and reviewed honestly


Baylea Hart

Baylea Hart is an IT Technician by day, horror writer by night and a reader everywhere in between.

In 2013 she wrote, directed and edited the short horror film Behind the Door, which won a Top 50 spot in the Bloody Cuts “Who’s There?” competition and as of 2015 has over 430,000 views on YouTube.

In October 2015 she won the Bristol Horror Writing Competition with her short story Jack in the Box, and had her story published in the Far Horizons E-Magazine. Her short story “Eyes Open” was published in the 12th issue of 9Tales Told in the Dark in 2016.

Baylea graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and enjoys watching people grow slightly white after reading her stories. Her first novel, “The Log House”, is due to be published in 2018 via Unbound











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