No Remorse (Kent Fisher Mysteries #3) by Robert Crouch @robertcrouchuk #KindleUnlimited #MurderMystery

No Remorse (Kent Fisher Mysteries #3)


An old man dead. Dementia or murder? Threats won’t stop Kent Fisher from finding out.

At luxury retirement home, Nightingales, appearance matters more than the truth. But what is the truth? Was Anthony Trimble killed as he predicted? If so, who wanted him out of the way, and why?

Kent puzzles over the only clue Trimble left him. Do the numbers come from a takeaway menu or are they a mysterious code that could reveal his darkest secret?

As Kent digs deep, people start dying.

Will Kent win the race to discover the truth, or become the next victim?

Inspired by Agatha Christie and Sue Grafton, Robert Crouch brings a fresh voice and a new twist to the traditional murder mystery.

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No Remorse (Kent Fisher Mysteries Book 3)


Well I was delighted to be venturing out once again at the side of Kent Fisher, who as an environmental health officer, makes for an ideal man to investigate mystery deaths in the beautiful South Downs. But at times they take an unusual turn giving Kent  a couple of murder cases under his belt and the bad guys put well and truly away. He is getting quite a reputation and notability for his persistence to find the truth when people die under unusual circumstances.

Now Kent wears many hats as not only does he work as an environmental officer and accidental super sleuth, he also owns an animal sanctuary. This story begins with Kent taking his adopted rescue dog Columbo, as part of therapy sessions, to a care home for the affluent inhabitants in their twilight years, for them to see and pet. Nightingales, owned by Sherlock’s Homes, is a place for its aged residents to be cared for 24 hours a day in the luxury they are used to.

When Kent is accosted by an Alzheimer resident saying they are killing him, Kent puts it down to the man’s illness, that is until the call comes to say he is dead.  The investigating bug is just too much for him and soon he has found reasons to revisit Nightingales and do a little digging himself. Someone else also notices his return and lets him know about it.

These are cracking stories which could be read as stand alone novels but like any series the core characters are becoming pretty well established. I saw quite a new surprising side to Kent, one which was out of character with him in this book. This is also, in my opinion the most complicated story so far with an outcome that I just never saw coming.

The book does bring its horrors, which some may not like. but it also has a compelling appeal of Miss Marple and Murder she wrote too. Then add the disastrous personal relationships and the constant humour throughout and it gives it that super book, or preferably super series to get involved in and up to date with now because it feels like one of those cult series that will simply grow and grow yet always feel fresh! Looking forward to more of this very unusual yet must read series.


Robert   Crouch

Rob Crouch lives and works in East Sussex, England, in the shadow of the beautiful South Downs. During his career as an environmental health officer, he’s focused on improving hygiene standards in food businesses. This has led to him editing and writing for a respected food hygiene manual for caterers. He has also specialized in workplace health and safety in the leisure and service sectors, investigating several fatal work accidents. But secretly, he’s always wanted to solve a murder. It started when he watched TV’s Lieutenant Columbo unpick perfect murders with an affable but dogged pursuit of incongruous details. A healthy diet of crime fiction and drama followed, including Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse, and Miss Marple. When he became an avid fan of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone, he realized he wanted to create a different kind of private detective to solve his murders. Set beneath the rolling hills of the South Downs, No Accident is Rob’s first novel featuring Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. Within minutes of arriving at the scene of a fatal work accident, he uncovers details that don’t quite make sense. Like his hero, Columbo, Kent digs deeper and deeper, disregarding procedure, until work and his personal life collide with devastating consequences.


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