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Firstly I wish to thank Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me on the blog tour for THE GIRLS’ BOOK OF PRIESTHOOD by Louise Rowland

July 2016. Bright, sparky and raring to go, Margot Goodwin arrives as the new curate at St Mark’s, Highbury. She’s one part exhilarated, ten parts terrified. This is the most important twelve months of her life. Success would mean becoming a fully-fledged priest a year from now, something she feels profoundly called to do. Failure would not only prove her father right, but also delight all the antis who consider woman priests an abomination. Can she convince everyone herself included – that she’s more than a five foot eight blonde with a PhD and a penchant for Max Factor’s Mulberry Lipfinity and a good glass of wine?
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The Girls’ Book of Priesthood

Well some people get real pleasure in being able to turn round and say ‘I told you so’. It isn’t that someone has failed in attempting something that makes my blood boil, it is the smug way in which someone else delights in it. So newly appointed curate Margot Goodwin knows that she will have to tread very carefully, if she is going to get through her year at St. Mark’s Highbury, to then become a priest at the end of it. Although we think of ourselves as living in a modern society where everyone is equal, even in the eyes of God, there are some people who strongly believe that tradition should surpass progress. In fact, the little woman should know her place, especially in the church, seeing to cleaning duties, coffee mornings and arranging the church flowers! Leaving the preaching and pastoral needs to the vicar, male of course.

I really liked Margot from the very beginning, she is very dedicated to the profession that she feels has chosen her but she is also a full-blooded woman too. Everything possible is thrown at Margot from a very dysfunctional family that she boards with, to a relationship that could end in her leaving not only the community but also her vocation for good. The humour is always there, from cringe-able moments to real laugh out loud times that I just couldn’t hold in.

It makes you see the clergy, male and female in a different light because they are flesh and blood with needs and wants too. Everything is stripped back with Margot because she isn’t the judge of these people she is like them, they just don’t know it. This is a real super story that puts points over in a very subtle way. Very entertaining with an impressionable character that you just have to root for!


Louise Rowland won the year prize for Creative Writing at City University and lives in Central London. This is her first book. She is currently working at KPMG

Twitter: @louiserowland20


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