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Many Thanks to Kim Nash of Bookouture for inviting me on the tour for THE RUNAWAY WIFE  by Dee MacDonald



One evening in early August, while mashing the potatoes for dinner, Connie McColl decides she’s had enough…

Connie is tired of solving one family crisis after another – usually involving her unruly grandchildren – while her husband Roger spends all day at his beloved golf course. Surely it must be time for her to shake off her apron and start living again?

So Connie packs a bag, gets in her little green car and drives off…

As Connie journeys from England to Scotland on an unexpected adventure, she finally begins to rediscover herself. And she starts to wonder, will she ever be ready to return home? Or will this summer change her life forever?

The Runaway Wife is an inspiring and joyously uplifting novel about being true to yourself. If you loved The Kicking the Bucket List and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry this book is for you.

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Well if there was ever a book worthy of being called a coming of age story then this  would get first prize. OK it was coming a little later in life for Connie than it did most people but at 66 years young she had finally got there. There hadn’t really been a Connie for a long time just someone who wore different hats, wife, mother, cook, cleaner, baby sitter and taxi driver for her husband. But one day Connie simply put down her tools of being ‘someone else’ and set off to look for herself.

What a wonderful inspirational and fun story this has been to get lost in, especially as I am not too many years behind Connie myself. I literally giggled and tittered at her naivety, I loved her rebellious side and delighted in her finding the woman inside her that she never knew existed. I could see her gradually changing as each chapter ended and another one began.

What I really liked about this story too was the little glimpses back of how things were going on at home. The changes that were over time taking place there. When Connie first left her family, all they could see was the inconvenience to their lives her leaving made to them, not actually missing Connie for Connie. Very sad really. But the adventures that Connie got herself caught up in changed many lives for the better as well as her own.

There was an array of characters throughout the story that open Connie’s eyes to a world that she has been blinkered to before. It is almost as if she has been in a cocoon all these years and she is finally becoming the butterfly, a very beautiful one that never loses the caring side of herself but one that knows she matters too.

Highly recommended, a light and lovely read with some punch in the air moments from this little old lady reading it.

I wish to thank Bookouture and NetGalley for an e-copy of this book which I have honestly reviewed.



Aged 18, Dee arrived in London from Scotland and typed her way round the West End for a couple of years before joining BOAC (forerunner of British Airways) in Passenger Services for 2 years and then as a stewardess for 8 years.

She has worked in Market Research, Sales and at the Thames TV Studios when they had the franchise.

Dee has since relocated to Cornwall, where she spent 10 years running B&Bs, and only began writing when she was over 70!

Married twice, she has one son and two grandsons.




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