Dark of Night: Episode One by CS Duffy @csduffywriter #ScottishNoir #MurderMystery #KindleUnlimited

Dark of Night: Episode One by [Duffy, CS]


How far would you go to catch a serial killer?

“Fast paced Tartan Noir at its best. And OMG what a cliffhanger”
“Seriously invested in the characters and very much enjoying the Glesga banter and humour.”
”Pure gave me the chills.”
– reader reviews

Just when Ruari musters the courage to confess his love for best friend Lorna, she goes missing. When Lorna’s body is found in the Campsies, Ruari sets out to retrace her last steps in the hopes of finding her killer – but somebody has beaten him to it. Now the hunt is on for a serial killer terrorising Glasgow.

As Ruari is drawn ever deeper into a labyrinth of darkness, somebody is watching his every move. Will he catch the killer – before the killer catches him?

Dark of night is a fast-paced, twisty serial killer thriller set in Glasgow, turbo-charged with Scandi-esque noir and black humour.

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Dark of Night: Episode One


Well there is a saying, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today and in Ruari’s case there was never a truer statement. Finally after years of friendship with Lorna, he has built up enough courage to tell her that he loved her. Now that is big, or it would have been if she hadn’t been murdered. Gosh life is a bummer at times. Well Ruari is determined not to sit back and let the trail go cold to find her killer, so what he lacked in courage to declare his love for her he doesn’t lack in conviction in finding out why she has been killed and by who.

Set in Glasgow this is pure Scottish gold. The descriptions of the area sound very authentic to the point I think I could do a tour of the City and Campsies just from my knowledge from the book. Then the characters have that natural interaction that just brings them to life with a raw quick-witted humour. It feels like it is written with an intimate knowledge of walking these streets and modelling many of the characters from life there.

This is the author’s debut novel, not that you could tell for a minute but it does come with a warning. This is Episode One of Three and to get the full outcome of the story you really do need to read all three books. Is it worth it? Most definitely because this really is a little belter.


C.S. Duffy writes psychological suspense thrillers with a healthy dose of black humour. Her background is in film and TV. She has several projects in development in Sweden and the UK, and her thriller feature Guilty will be shot summer 2018 in Canada. She is the author of Life is Swede, a thriller that was originally written as a blog – leading several readers to contact Swedish news agencies asking them why they hadn’t reported the murder that features in the blog. Dark of Night is her first novel.


Twitter: @csduffywriter



Dark of Night: Episode Two

Dark of Night: Episode Two

Dark of Night: Episode One by [Duffy, CS]

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