Look to Your Wife by Paula Byrne @paulajaynebyrne @HarperCollinsUK #BookReview

Firstly I wish to thank Grace Pengelly of Harper Collins London for inviting to read and review this book LOOK TO YOUR WIFE by Paula Byrne

Look to Your Wife by [Byrne, Paula]


A debut novel by a bestselling non-fiction author, this is a witty, wholly entrancing story of the pleasures, pains and obsessions of contemporary life.

Lisa Blaize – teacher, and would-be fashion writer, mother and second wife – feels out of place when her high-flying husband becomes the headmaster of a school in a country town. Isolated and far from her metropolitan upbringing, she turns to the one place where she learns she can be uninhibited.

But ‘Twitter may be my undoing’, Lisa discovers as her one-time private life becomes all too public. Soon she is dealing with an online stalker and her husband’s reputation is put at risk, but will she be able to give up her addiction?

From the gossip of the classroom to our obsession with instant communication, Look To Your Wife is witty and brilliantly observed, revealing the pleasures and pains of contemporary life.

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Look to Your Wife


This is an ultra modern look at todays social media madness that grabs people from every generation. I am talking about Twitter, tweeting, hash-tags and followers because if you haven’t got those followers then you are talking to yourself!

Oh yes been there done that and still doing it. A place where random strangers like, comment and share my ramblings of the day and in turn I do the same with theirs. Well for Lisa it became a bit of a compulsion when she had to leave her friends and family behind, after her husband took a promotion as Headmaster at a public school in the countryside. Of course he was intending to make his mark on the place which left stay at home, successful one book wonder Lisa with time on her hands.

From an online cyber lover, to promoting her up and coming second book, her life becomes general knowledge to the Twitter world and trolls crawl out hiding behind their twitter names. Lisa doesn’t really help herself with her constant posts which bring the worst out in someone who knows her. This gives her husband Edward a really tough time at school with the notice board and personal information for all to see. The thing is who could be the stalker among the people they thought they knew? Things really do turn more sinister.

The writing goes from view points of the characters to actual twitter type postings, myself I liked this as it gave the whole thing a more authentic edge to it. Lisa I felt was very shallow and selfish a lot of the time and not really a character that I took straight away but I did feel sorry for her in different parts. I liked the way the story drew me in not releasing the danger that were festering until it was too late. A very clever and entertaining way to waken you to social media dangers.

I really liked this book which I felt was very typical and topical of the way a lot of people live today.


Paula Byrne is the author the bestselling biographies ‘Perdita’, ‘Mad World’, ‘The Real Jane Austen’, ‘Belle’, ‘Kick’ and ‘The Genius of Jane Austen’. She is founder and chief executive of ReLit, the Bibliotherapy Foundation, a charity devoted to the mental health benefits of reading. She is married to Sir Jonathan Bate and lives in Oxford.



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