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Firstly I wish to thank Charlie Howell Publicity Coordinator of Olympia Publishers for inviting me to read Maisie and the Early Years by Paula Wilkes

Maisie - The Early Years by [Wilkes, Paula]


When Maisie and her three little sisters were hidden in the cubby hole under the stairs by their mother, they didn’t realise that this would be the last time that they would see her alive.
After the brutal murder of their mother by their drunken father they were forced to live with their uncaring and violent Nana, who through greed for money, first sold the three little sisters and later Maisie.
After being saved by a mysterious tall man in black, Maisie’s life becomes one long roller coaster of finding happiness, only to have it snatched cruelly away by her vicious and unforgiving Nana. Can the mysterious man save her again?

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Maisie – The Early Years


Oh my what a lovely little poppet Maisie is, I just wanted to fold my arms round her to keep her safe from not only the cruelty of the world outside but also from the place that should have been her haven, her home. From the beginning of the story you know that her mother is a good woman who has devised ways to protect her four daughters from their drunk and abusive father but her mother has now lost her life, her father had done a runner and so all the little sisters were sent to their grandparents were life was no better.

This is, I hope, the first in a series of stories that will follow the life of Maisie her many ups and downs of life.  When the story begins Maisie is not quite 10 but already has a much older head on her shoulders that is far beyond her years. I loved the physical descriptions of her with her wild and unruly red hair that felt like it was her character that was determined to get out, to show the world just what a gutsy little girl she was.

Just when I thought that life could be getting better for her something always happens to swipe her legs from under her again, as if putting her back in her place of misery. Maisie can always find something good in everything though, such a lovely character. She accepts what life throws at her and makes the most of it.

There is a darker story running in the background too that Maisie doesn’t know of. Could someone be watching out for her? With a vengeful nana that keeps popping up Maisie really needs someone to watch over her. Only time would tell who the mystery stranger is.  Maisie makes such an impression on everyone’s lives that she meets, you really have to love her. This is both a heart breaking and inspiring story of Maisie.

When I was a young girl I loved stories like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. This story I would put in that bracket. Loved it and a OMG ending. It must continue!


Paula Wilkes

Paula was born in Somerset and has been married for 39 years, with 2 grown up sons and 4 Granddaughters.

After spending over 20 years as a Senior Financial Manager with a major bank, she is now retired and spends her time writing and enjoying her family.

Her first children’s book ‘Annie and the Butterfly Fairies ‘ was released on 30 November 2016.
The inspiration for this book came from her oldest Granddaughter Annie, who asked for a book featuring herself as part of her Christmas wish.

Paula’s second book, is being released by Austin Macauley Publishers on 30 November 2017 ‘Tilly and Ted’ and is the first in a series of three, these bedtime stories are aimed at children between 3 – 6 years old, this first book takes the child with Tilly and her magical Teddy Bear (Ted) on an adventure with ‘The Hedgehog Family’ within all of Paula’s children’s books there is always a moral thread which helps to educate children on how to enjoy and love nature without causing any harm.

For ages 14+ Paula is writing a series of two books entitled Maisie – The Early Years and Maisie – The Later Years. These books follow Maisie on her journey through life, starting with the brutal murder of her mother by her drunken father and following her through the various episodes of her life after being sold into servitude by her Nana. The first of the two books Maisie – The Early Years is being released on 30 November 2017 by Olympia Publishers.

Paula is thrilled that have endorsed her as one of their authors, with a regular interview being broadcast approximately three times a months.



Twitter: Wilkes4Paula




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