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The Flesh of Trees by [Middleton, Kath]


“Don’t play in the Green Wood. Children disappear in there!”

All her life, twelve year-old Sylvie Hummel has heard these words, but still she disobeys her parents and enters the Green Wood. Now she knows what happened to the missing children.

Let in on the secret, her cousin Erik also falls under the spell of the forbidden wood. But soon a ruthless forest owner shatters the cousins’ lives, and when he threatens to fell the trees in the Green Wood, he discovers what Sylvie and Erik have long known: these trees have their own protection.

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The Flesh of Trees


This is my first Kath Middleton novel, which is beautifully crafted, to bring that olde worlde feeling of a story from the past into modern times. It really does have the flare of The Brothers Grimm with it, the menace and warnings that should be heeded before it is too late. What I really loved about it was the instant appeal that it will have to younger generations, as the heroes of this story are the village children .

The old saying of you can’t see the woods for the trees really does have a true meaning in this tale, when the ever-growing timber corporation that employs almost all of the adults in the nearby villages becomes even more greedy, wanting to cut down the trees in the Green Wood. It comes down to money and the need to work and feed the family against doing the right thing. That is what is wonderful about children’s minds, they don’t get tangled up in costs, pushing the share prices up and lining their pockets. The environment is about to fight back big style with the help of the children too.

The consequences of what is happening to the environment is seen in simple terms through the children, mainly 12-year-old Sylvie Hummel and the sacrifice that she is willing to make to change the way in which the adults make choices. She is by no means the first child to go into the woods but hopefully the last not to return. We need to do like the children do and just see what is in front of us, not how we can profit from it. A story of woe and a story of hope.


Kath Middleton

Kath Middleton began her writing with drabbles (100 words stories) and contributed a number to Jonathan Hill’s second drabble collection. It wasn’t long before she moved up a size to contribute short stories to anthologies. Shortly afterwards, she progressed to writing longer pieces and her first solo work, Ravenfold, was published to much acclaim. This was followed by the novella, Message in a Bottle. Several more books are in the pipeline and her first novel, Top Banana, was published in March 2015. In March 2016 she and Jonathan Hill published Is it Her – two novellas inspired by a painting. Kath likes to put her characters in difficult situations and watch them work their way out. She believes in the indomitable nature of the human spirit (and chickens).

Kath is retired. She graduated in geology and has a certificate in archaeology. When she’s in a hole, she doesn’t stop digging.





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