No Bodies (Kent Fisher Mysteries #2) by Robert Crouch @robertcrouchuk #KindleUnlimited #MurderMystery

No Bodies (Kent Fisher Mysteries #2)


Why would environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, show any interest in finding Daphne Witherington, the missing wife of a longstanding family friend? The police believe she ran off with Colin Miller, a rather dubious caterer, and Kent has problems of his own when a young girl who visits his animal sanctuary is rushed to hospital.

When enquiries into Colin Miller reveal a second missing wife, Kent picks up a trail that went cold over a year ago. But he’s struggling to find a connection between the women, even when he discovers a third missing wife.

Is there a killer on the loose in Downland?

With no motive, no connection and no bodies, Kent may never uncover the truth.

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No Bodies (The Kent Fisher Mysteries Book 2)


This is the second book of Robert Crouch’s Kent Fisher Mysteries and as it continues on from the last book with so many massive life changing events that have taken place do read them in order. Everything will make more sense and it will enrich this story so much more.

Kent Fisher has gained a new respect within the community where he lives from his success in solving a murder that could have easily have been over looked. Although he is still very much in the role of Environmental Officer it isn’t long before his itchy feet are pulling at him to dabble a little on another weird case. This time the disappearance of a local lady that simply vanished a year ago. Everyone but her husband, has lost interest with the police believing that she has run off with another man.

This is a case where the more you find out the further away the solution gets as the list of missing women increases along with the suspects. It seemed that everyone involved was in a profession that could be handy to get rid of an unwanted body or two. I mean there were some really dodgy burger vans , to butchers that look like hairy bikers and an ex army Colonel, they all gave me the shudders.

Kent has his own personal problems that puts everything that means something to him at jeopardy. This is a heart breaking piece of the story, very touching and one that I felt brought the best out in him.

Now I loved the first book which introduced me to the main characters and this book enriched them and gave them more depth. There was one character, Gemma’s bloke who I desperately wanted to hate but I just couldn’t because he is so lovely. It didn’t stop me wanting to  shake Kent violently at times though because boy if he put half the effort into his own life that he does sorting out other people’s problems he would be a happy bloke!

What I like about these stories is it gets across not to jump to conclusions about someone because of the way they live. We all deal with tragedies in our own way. Kent continued to make me laugh as he turns to humour when he is nervous or threatened, which happens a heck of a lot in this story. I really do like Kent bless him, he just needs a lovely lady in his life.

This is quite a mystery to solve just watch out for the clues. Ready and waiting for number three!


Before I wrote full time, I worked as an environmental health officer, focusing mainly on food hygiene inspections and health and safety in the workplace. My experiences, particularly the investigation of fatal workplace accidents, inspired me to create the Kent Fisher mysteries, and bring something fresh and original to the crime fiction market.

Influenced by authors like Peter James, Sue Grafton, Dick Francis and Agatha Christie, I wanted to write crime fiction that would entertain and intrigue the whole family. And as an avid reader, I’ve also drawn inspiration from authors like LJ Ross, Rachel Amphlett and Robin Roughley.

I live on the East Sussex coast of England and like nothing better than to make the short journey to the gentle hills and picturesque villages of the South Downs, which provide the settings for the Kent Fisher mysteries. I love to explore the Downs with my West Highland White Terrier, Harvey, looking for inspiration and plots for future mysteries.

Like me, Kent Fisher’s a passionate environmentalist and animal lover with a keen sense of fair play and justice.


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