No Accident (The Kent Fisher Mysteries #1) by Robert Crouch @robertcrouchuk #Kindle Unlimited #MurderMystery

No Accident (The Kent Fisher Mysteries Book 1) by [Crouch, Robert]


Nothing happens by accident, according to Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. When he ignores a restraining order to investigate the death of Syd Collins in a work accident at Tombstone Adventure Park, he clashes with the owner, playboy millionaire, Miles Birchill, who has his own reasons to block the investigation.

Determined to uncover the truth, Kent casts aside procedure and defies suspension when he becomes convinced that Collins’ death is no accident.

But as Kent rushes to identify the killer and prevent more deaths, he faces even more unpleasant surprises when his professional and private worlds collide with devastating consequences.

Set in and around the beautiful South Downs of East Sussex, No Accident is the first novel in a new series that brings a fresh and irreverent twist to the traditional whodunit.

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No Accident (The Kent Fisher Mysteries Book 1)


Oh I was in my glory on the first page of this book as soon as I met Kent Fisher. He had been on an all nighter with the lads, just got in and was wishing someone dead already, well he had been told that there was a body, so fingers crossed! Ok Kent is an Environmental  Officer that had just got in from an all night badger watch with ten other like-minded blokes and the only thing that was igniting his interest that morning was a phone call about a fatal accident at the Tombstone Adventure Park. As Kent already had a restraining order against him regarding the owner, he was hoping against all the odds that it was him.

Now it was a pretty gruesome sight that met Kent but he dealt with it the way the rest of his colleagues did, with very close to the bone type of humour and a strong stomach. The more he saw the more he was doubting that this was accidental. So whether it was lack of sleep at this point or just opportunity knocking Kent saw it as a chance to play detective. He was after all Columbo’s biggest fan and things were just not sitting right with the whole accident theory. He had already been let down about who the victim was, not the owner, so playing detective was the next best thing.

I just loved the constant humour that kept rolling from these pages as it really did lighten the gruesome side. Running alongside the suspected murder investigation, you see many sides to Kent, especially as the son of a wealthy politician  and on the flip side a man who was keen to spread the word about looking after wildlife. Hence Kent’s very own animal sanctuary, that his father helped fund, with conditions, well he is a politician remember! There is another soft side to Kent too but he is a little backward in coming forward in the love department. There are such a lot of characters in this story but the ones that matter do really stand out. Shocks, surprises and a cupboard full of family skeletons make it all a compelling read.

This is a cracking idea that author Robert Crouch has come up with, being an Environmental Officer for a number of years he used what he knew best and combined it with his love of classic and new crime writers, to invent his own spin on the murder mystery scene. It works a dream and very unique.


Robert Crouch

Before I started to write full time, I worked as an environmental health officer, focusing mainly on food hygiene inspections and health and safety in the workplace. My experiences, particularly the investigation of fatal workplace accidents, inspired me to create the Kent Fisher mysteries, and bring something fresh and original to the crime fiction market.

Influenced by authors like Peter James, Sue Grafton, Dick Francis and Agatha Christie, I wanted to write crime fiction that would entertain and intrigue the whole family. I’m also inspired by authors like LJ Ross, Rachel Amphlett and Robin Roughley.

Though I’ve travelled to many parts of the UK, my home and my heart belong to Eastbourne, where I live with my wife and West Highland White terrier, Harvey. He enjoys nothing more than exploring the gentle hills of the nearby South Downs, which provide the setting for the Kent Fisher mysteries.

Like me, Kent Fisher’s a passionate environmentalist and animal lover with a keen sense of fair play and justice.

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No Bodies (The Kent Fisher Mysteries Book 2)








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