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The Reaper (DI Brook Series Book 1) by [Dunne, Steven]


A damaged detective and a brutal serial killer collide in this nail-biting thriller debut.

Detective Inspector Damen Brook thinks he’s left his past behind him in London. But it seems a serial killer has followed him north…

Brook’s seeking sanctuary. Years in the MET have left their mark – so much so that he’s fled to Derby leaving behind his marriage, his teenage daughter and very nearly his sanity to wind down a once promising career in the peace of the Peak District.

But one winter’s night, Brook is confronted by a serial killer he hunted many years before – The Reaper – a man who slaughters families in their homes then disappears without a trace.

To find this killer Brook must discover what the Reaper is doing in Derby, why he’s started killing again and what, if anything, connects the butchered families.

As Brook becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse, he is forced to face his own demons by revisiting the previous investigation and confronting a past that destroyed his family and nearly cost him his life…

A heart-stopping thriller from a stunning new crime talent, for fans of Stuart MacBride and Thomas Harris.

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The Reaper (DI Brook Series Book 1)


This is a series that I was always going to get round to, as I bought this book way back in August 2015 along with other books that just kept getting added to my ever-growing TBR pile of kindle titles. Now although I should be one book down on my TBR pile I am actually 5 more up because if this is Steven Dunne’s debut novel then the rest of the series are high priority must reads!

I have always been intrigued by a man who has a hidden past and there was something more than just a new start to D.I. Damen Brook when he moved from London to Derby. Well it wasn’t too long before the dark shadow that followed him began to make its mark in the town. The Reaper, a terrible serial killer had laid dormant for a number of years after a horrific killing spree in London, was at his heels and killing again on his new patch!

Oh my, Oh my, this killer really likes to play catch me if you can, taunting Brook and keeping one step a head of the game that he is clearly controlling. The killings themselves were works of art, macabre master pieces that told a story by their staging. My mind was in overdrive of how someone could not only murder children but also cause such unbearable mental torture for the parents.

This is by no means a quick read story as it is longer than your average book but I read it in one session totally mesmerised by visions of ecstasy and horror and the fine line where one crosses the other in the killers mind. Steven Dunne had created a killer that held me on every page like the head lamps of a car does a rabbit, I just couldn’t take my eyes from these pages.

The story took turns that I just was not expecting, just totally sensational. Full on real feel characters with the good guys have flaws and the bad guys principles making it an unpredictable and totally addictive read . And I know that I have only just begun to scratch the surface of D.I. Damen Brook. Bring it on! Just perfection!


Steven Dunne

Steven left Rhodesway School in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1976 after taking A-levels. He graduated from Kent University in 1979 and, after taking a year’s Post Graduate Certificate in Education at St Mary’s College in Twickenham, he undertook a variety of jobs in London, including Public Relations Consultant, freelance Journalist and supply teacher.

He wrote occasional articles for The Guardian, The Times and The Independent while working on various writing projects including his own brief career in stand-up comedy. During this time he co-wrote a comedy pilot for Channel 4 entitled Not Enough Poodles but, unfortunately it fell at the final commissioning hurdle. He wrote the Book for the award-winning Latchmere Theatre Christmas pantomime of Hansel and Gretel in 1989.
In 1988, he began teaching English in Croydon before moving to Derby in 1996, where he began to think about writing a novel.

After being turned onto thrillers by Thomas Harris’ The Silence of the Lambs, he realised that most thrillers failed to deliver their promised exitement, so in 2007, after spending two fruitless years marketing the novel to the publishing industry, Steven self-published Reaper, a thriller about a serial killer who strikes in Derby. It sold over 1500 copies in the East Midlands and in 2008, and received very encouraging reviews. Harper Collins bought the rights and The Reaper was released internationally in 2009. A sequel, The Disciple, was released in August 2010. Both books were critically acclaimed. He signed a publishing deal at Headline to release the next DI Brook thriller Deity, which will be released in June 2012.






The Disciple (DI Brook Series Book 2)

The Disciple (DI Brook Series Book 2)

Deity (DI Damen Brook 3): Deity (DI Damen Brook 3) (DI Brook Series)

Deity (DI Damen Brook 3): Deity (DI Damen Brook 3)

The Unquiet Grave (DI Damen Brook 4): The Unquiet Grave (DI Damen Brook 4) (DI Brook Series)

The Unquiet Grave (DI Damen Brook 4)

A Killing Moon (DI Damen Brook 5) (DI Brook Series)

A Killing Moon (DI Damen Brook 5)

Death Do Us Part (DI Damen Brook 6)

Death Do Us Part (DI Damen Brook 6)





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