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I am thrilled to be sharing with you one of my favourite authors that I have reviewed previously. So please welcome…….


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Twelve-year-old Charlie Watkins could have inherited his dad’s massive intellect. He got his massive feet instead.

Perhaps if Charlie had that intellect he might have been able to figure out why so many men in suits were suddenly following him or where his dad hid the Cubit – a mythical object that men have sworn to protect and even more have died trying to possess – before his so-called accident.

If starting yet another new school wasn’t bad enough, Charlie meets Mr Leopold, a disfigured, mind-reading lunatic and discovers that he alone must find the Cubit if he is to save his dad. The Brotherhood, however, have other ideas. Led by the ruthless Draganovic, they will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. With the help of Mr Leopold and fellow new boy Elvis, Charlie sets out on The Cubit Quest.

Hunting for the Cubit, playing football, lessons with the dreaded Funeral Face and unsuccessfully avoiding school bully Grimshaw by day, Charlie finds his nights no less complicated. Stalked in his dreams, he’s soon immersed in a world of power struggles, battling dragons and duels to the death. With the Brotherhood hot on his heels and as the bullets begin to fly, there are no guarantees that Charlie, or anyone else, will make it to the end in one piece.

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The Cubit Quest

32 5.0 out of 5 stars



They say that everyone needs a hobby, but as I sat in my tent on military operations in 2002 listening to fighter jets scream overhead, fully laden with bombs and missiles, I realised I needed something else: a distraction. Writing wasn’t perhaps the obvious choice, well not if my dubious result in English Literature was anything to go by. But then again, given that neither the great Mark Twain nor phenomenal Charles Dickens bothered to finish college, I figured that I didn’t need a Degree in Creative Writing just to be creative. Besides, they also say ‘there’s a good book in everyone’ but the big question was, what to write about? The fact that I’d just smashed through the first four books in the Harry Potter series had absolutely no bearing at all – he says holding his tongue firmly in cheek. And if that was the case, then the quirkiness of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, fantasy of The Hobbit and companionship of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials series clearly had no bearing either. Having added a few ingredients of my own – a dash of bullying, a smidge of football, a smattering of twists and turns, a pinch of north-eastern charm and the inclusion of the obligatory arch-villain hell-bent on world domination – the world of 13-year-old, Charlie Watkins, was born.

And like all good books, the concept of The Cubit Quest is a simple one; all Charlie has to do to rescue his dad and bring him back into the here and now after his so-called accident is find something called the Cubit. Of course, the fact that Charlie has no idea where, or even what it is, does tend to complicate matters. The host of suit-wearing thugs suddenly after his blood doesn’t exactly help either. And as Charlie’s adventure races to a climactic finish, it looks increasingly unlikely that he, or any of his friends, will escape the clutches of said suit-wearing thugs in one piece.

And it’s perhaps no coincidence for a Spring Reads special, that springtime is central to Charlie’s epic quest – but no spoilers allowed! You’ll just have to read it to find out how – and let me know your thoughts of course:

Spring also holds a special place for me personally, perhaps understandable when you publish your debut novel on World Book Day. Not that it was always destined to be that way, mind you. I had never planned to be a published author, it was just a ‘distraction’ remember. The completed manuscript of The Cubit Quest sat on my PC for 5 years, and it would still be there if it hadn’t been for the encouragement (borderline bullying would be more apt) from my wife. And still serving in the military today, the decision to donate all profits to HELP for HEROES was a no brainer.

What was also a ‘no brainer’ was the need to publicise said debut novel. However, before I knew it, I was confessing to the world that I love Downton Abbey and anything by Richard Curtis, was suddenly on YouTube, and facing questions on a radio interview like ‘which one, man-made object could I not live without and why?’ – Yes, that was an actual question! And then there’s the one question that everyone wants to know the answer to: what is the best thing about being published? Everyone thinks it must be getting that first, long-awaited, book in your hands – not for me I’m afraid. And whilst it was exciting to be No.1 on Amazon, it wasn’t the best thing either. For me, nothing has come close to the groans of disappointment from my children when I’ve reached the end of a chapter or the thrill of knowing that someone, somewhere, is contemplating staying up well past their bedtime to read just one more page of The Cubit Quest.


Living in Telford, Shropshire, Trevor Leck has been dabbling in writing for over fifteen years. Always a fan of gripping adventure stories he has taken inspiration from his favourite authors, including John Grisham and J K Rowling, and the towns and cities he grew up, especially North Shields, to create his Young Adult series.


This is the start of a super new YA series set in North Shields. Charlie is 12  and use to have a normal life until one day his dad just stopped communicating. He could eat, get dressed and walk but it was like he wasn’t in his head anymore, just sort of on an auto pilot function. So now Charlie, his dad and mum had moved into a small grotty house and Charlie was going to have to face a new school.  But these weren’t the only changes Charlie was going to face, because Charlie wasn’t like other boys…………he just didn’t know it yet.

This is a bit of a young super sleuth detective type book for young adults but with the addition of a mythical element that will keep them really entertained. I mean how can you become a super hero when you are part of the school bullies daily routine of literally getting his kicks? Well Charlie did find his way, with a little help.

What a wicked story this is of dodgy men in suits with flash cars, mythical tales of magic with coloured dragons battling for good and evil, but most of all the hope of Charlie getting his dad back to being dad again. Trevor Leck has created a hero in Charlie and a bit of a side kick hero with Elvis, Charlie’s new best friend from school. I know that my grandchildren would love this book, which I would say makes great reading for a Hero for them to look up to.

I still look back very fondly on books which I started by reading at a young age. This one I believe will become that stepping stone for many.


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