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Firstly I wish to thank Sarah Hardy of Bloodhound Books, for inviting me on the Blog Tour for DEAD WATCH by Steve Liszka

Dead Watch: a fast-paced thriller you don't want to miss by [Liszka, Steve]


Life for the firefighters of Red Watch, East Brighton, is already complicated due to the imminent closure of their fire station. But this is soon to be the least of their worries.

When the team stumble upon a car in a ditch, they discover the driver is dead and a bag containing five hundred thousand pounds in cash. Before anyone arrives, the crew decide to take money, believing it to be a victimless crime.

When they later learn that the driver was killed by a bullet wound to the head their world is turned upside down.

Then a stranger appears at the station claiming the money belongs to him.

Soon the firefighters are drawn into a dangerous underworld and find themselves at the mercy of violent criminals.

But is this stranger who he claims to be?

And can Red Watch escape with the money and their lives in tact?

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Dead Watch: a fast-paced thriller you don’t want to miss


I love a story that takes a different path than the norm’ and that is what Steve Liszka has done with his book. This is a story about Red Watch, who make up one of the shifts of firefighters in East Brighton, or Dead Watch a nick name they acquired by being the watch that seemed to attend the highest number of fatalities. They are a mixed bunch from a wide spectrum of backgrounds that have a real wicked sense of on the cuff humour. They are the good guys right?

But one night a few of them have the chance to grab a life changing opportunity, when they are first on the scene at a fatal road traffic  accident. A snap decision moves them from heroes to wanted men and woman by a bloke that you just don’t cross. It’s not like they can go to the police, not unless they all want jail time themselves.

This was tense, very tense, whoa these guys were going down that never-ending spiral of up to your neck in it,  faster than a fireman’s pole! and boy I really didn’t like the mystery man when he turned up, even on paper, in real life I would have been bricking it!

Now one thing that really shines through the story is how these firefighters have each others backs. I suppose that the situations that they face each day make it second nature. Some of them may be darn right angry at their fellow workers stupidity but they are a team. This is another of those books that I find myself cringing and giving advice out to the characters, all to no avail!

This is a super story with a real different edge to it. Love how the author has used his own personal work experience, just the firefighting side of course, to centre the story on. It all works a treat!



Steve has been an operational firefighter for the past seventeen years and it was his job that led to him writing his latest novel Dead Watch. He is based at Preston Circus Fire Station in Brighton, one of the busiest in the South East. Originally from Swansea, Steve now lives in Worthing with his wife Angela and children, Buddy and Sylvie.

Steve has always been an active sports person, competing in rugby, amateur boxing, rock climbing and many other pursuits. For the past ten years, he has run his own old-school outdoor fitness classes using kettlebells, tyres, sledgehammers and various other instruments of torture.

Steve’s first novel This Machine Kills was released in 2012. It is a violent dystopian tale where the country is run by a businessman who wants to build walls around his cities to protect the residents from the poor people outside. As if that would ever happen…



Twitter @SteveLiszka




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