The Absent Man (Bermuda Jones Case Files #2) by Robert Enright @REnright_Author #BookReview #BermudaJones #Sci-FiThriller #Crime



Something is killing…

A woman is found dead in her flat on a freezing night in Glasgow, her heart ripped from her chest. With no signs of a weapon or forced entry. Hours later, her heart is delivered to the Necropolis on the outskirts of town.

Six months after stopping the terrifying Barnaby atop Big Ben, Bermuda finds himself on the hunt for a killer in a city he doesn’t know with a police force that doesn’t want him. With no links between the victims and the death toll rising, Bermuda has to face a sceptical detective, a seemingly distracted Argyle and an unknown horror that stalks from the shadows.

All in the name of answering one question…

Who is The Absent Man?

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Well I loved Doorways, the first of the Bermuda Jones series and this book tops it! You do really need to read both books to see how the whole system works as this isn’t your normal crime novel. This is sci-fi and crime writing mixed to perfection and no matter which side of the fence you sit on you will love this book.

Now Bermuda and his Neither partner Argyle are a pretty unique duo keeping the balance of peace between the Others and the Humans. This dynamic pair has the ability to be able to cross into both worlds but Argyle can’t be seen by humans. Both races exist at the same time, both going about their business. Rob Enright, in the very first chapters, gives readers a taste of how it all works or doesn’t as the case may be. It is fast paced entertaining shot of how to try to minimise and stabilise outbreaks of both worlds coming together at the same moment in time and establishing balance again as quickly as possible.

Usually set in London, a major incident causes enough concern to send Bermuda and Co. up to Glasgow, where a mysterious stranger is stealing hearts from women, I really mean literally stealing them not in a love kind of way and does it without the aid of any sort of cutting tool. The killer is plucking their hearts from their chest, not a task a human would have the power to do.

From early on you will know who the killer is and how he kills but not why. You may wish that you never knew.

What an awesome story this is! Bermuda and Argyle have an incredible partnership but in this story it goes way beyond that. I mean, really, bringing me to tears! I was just really thrown by what was happening. But that is was makes it the brilliant read it is. Life is a bitch sometimes and reading this book has left me feeling emotionally in shock. I was like no! OMG and stunned. Just perfect entertainment. Superb!


Robert Enright

Robert Enright was born and raised in North London and resides in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Working as a HR System Manager by day, he spends his evenings and weekends writing (or binge watching TV with his fiance).

Robert first self published One by One in March 2016 and saw it published by Britain’s Next Best Seller in October 2017.

In early 2018, DOORWAYS will be re-released as an ebook, paperback and audio book under Robert Enright’s management. The sequel, THE ABSENT MAN will also be released in early 2018. The third in the series, WORLDS APART, is set for a late 2018 launch. A prequel, titled BERMUDA, is in the works for a 2018 launch also.






Doorways: The first Bermuda Jones Casefile: Volume 1 (The Bermuda Jones Casefiles)

Doorways: The first Bermuda Jones Casefile: Volume 1 (The Bermuda Jones Casefiles)


The Absent Man: Volume 2 (The Bermuda Jones Case Files)

The Absent Man: A Bermuda Jones Case File (The Bermuda Jones Case Files Book 2)


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