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Lines of Justice: Aždaja by [Sherred, Lee]


Bound by honour. Driven by revenge. Two men with a score to settle.

Kosovo, 1999:

Sgt Dean Samson and his team of British soldiers are well aware of the dangers they’ll face and the things they’ll see in a country that has suffered years of oppression and ethnic cleansing. But nothing could have prepared them for Aždaja, a sadistic, mythical, serial killer with a penchant for vile humiliation and unimaginable torture.

Present day:

Since leaving the Army, Samson now a Police Officer, has struggled to erase his darkest memories of Kosovo. When he receives a devastating medical diagnosis, his nightmares come flooding to the surface, forcing him to face up to what he did….and what he didn’t do. With nothing to lose and no one to stop him, he’s at a crossroads. But is he prepared for what lies in wait? Will the horrors of Kosovo return with a vengeance?

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by Lee Sherred


Now I read a lot, well one sometimes two books a day and just now and again I hit on something really special. This is one of those days. The only thing I was gutted about and elated at the same time for is that this is his debut and I couldn’t yet read any more of his books. This is one real exciting author find! If you love J. A.  Konrath’s Jack Daniels series you will be in your element with this.

Now this book won’t be for everyone, it is brutal from the start, very gruesome and one that you know in your heart that this stuff really happens. It was four hours that I just really zoned out of my surroundings and was there in this book just absorbing every little detail of the characters. The drool bucket was out!

The story begins with a group of British soldiers in Kosovo 1999 and the most gruesome discovery of a brutally tortured local policeman and his family murdered by the Aždaja. The Aždaja are sadistic, mythical serial killers that everyone fears because they are so ferocious and to put it bluntly just really get off on inflicting as much pain as they can while keeping someone alive as long as possible. Now events make these British Soldiers memorable and the Aždaja just never forgets.

Sgt. Dean Samson, after leaving the army, joins the police force which brings the story to present day, with a couple of events that occur that change the course of his life. I just loved this bloke from the start. With nothing to lose Dean Samson finds himself on a mission and it is just action, adrenaline and a reading high that you just can’t better.

Lee Sherred’s DEBUT, still can’t believe this is his first book, is one fierce, fast and action packed, sheer entertainment package. I love a book that can switch from making me curl up and cringe behind a cushion to laugh so much the family want to know what is so funny, all on the same page. He hasn’t made his main character into someone untouchable, he feels pain like everyone else and knows when he is beaten. There are some real memorable characters in this story and some that I would like to forget. Loved Storm too, what a story he must have, not a good one but boy he is one faithful fellow.

I can’t recommend this book enough but like I have said very gruesome. I really must have the next book on the first day it is published. So excited about this author’s work. I originally got this book out on Kindle Unlimited but gone back and bought it. This really is one to keep and add to!


Lee Sherred

Author Lee Sherred has led a full life that, in many ways, rivals those of the heroes and anti-heroes he creates. A skilled martial artist, fighter, British Soldier and Police Officer, Lee has amassed a wealth of knowledge in many areas.

A lifelong reader, Lee knew long ago that he’d one day pen his own novels. After a long career serving his country, a significant injury left him with unexpected and unwanted downtime. For the first time in his life he finally found the motivation to put pen to paper, turning his firsthand experiences into absorbingly dark and humorous stories that readers will love.

When not writing, Lee can be found at his home on the South Coast of England, enjoying family time with his wife, kids and a trio of unruly family pets.


Twitter: LeeSherredAutho


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