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Special Agent Dale Conley is going out of his mind. He wants to catch this murderer so bad it hurts—because he’s never seen such gruesome crime scenes …

As a serial killer continues his vicious slayings, Dale scrambles to uncover the connection between the victims. Dale discovers that the deaths are related to a controversial theory, one so astonishing that it threatens to undermine the foundations of society. If Dale is going to stop the bloodshed, he’ll have to confront not only a ruthless enemy but also explosive ideas that could tear the world apart.

Dream On is the second book in the Dale Conley Action Thrillers Series.

If you like fast-paced action, sinister conspiracies, and loads of humor, then you’ll love this page-turning series, perfect for readers of Lee Child and Dan Brown and for fans of Indiana Jones and James Bond movies.

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by Erik Carter


Special Agent Dale Conley of the BEI (Bureau of Esoteric Investigations) is a total history buff, not your general stuff but the more obscure type relics or less known facts stuff.  To him it is like second nature so when anything really weird happens it heads his way.  Well the Bureau have certainly landed him a strange one this time.

A couple of murders take place real quick and although they are in different states they are too similar not to be connected. It is religion that is flagging them up in the most bizarre way. The victims are leaving clues as they lay dying all quoting major players from the bible. What is even more odd is that all the victims were atheists that knew each other years ago but in their dying moments it is as if their beliefs have been turned upside down.

I just loved these stories in this series because they are so off the beaten track from your normal  crime books.  I know there are some comparisons to other writers and special agents, such as Bond well I am going to throw in that they have more of a X Files feel to them to me. The BEI is a Bureau which is working inside the Justice Department and all very hush-hush. They take the weird cases that no-one else has the skills to investigate.

Dale is a very likable character but he is finding this case is a little hard to deal with because the murders are so vicious. His new partner, psychologist Gillian Spiro, is a novice that he watches like a hawk so that he can keep her safe. They have a very professional working relationship and very different people and personalities.  It isn’t all dark though there is a fair bit of humour about too which gives the whole book a lighter feel.

What begins as a brilliant in you face all action what the hell just happened mystery thriller, turns into one awesome story that left me feeling like I had done ten rounds in a boxing ring. Boy it just kept ranking up the gears and then found some more! It is a little belter of a plot. Scary stuff believe me and based on a real controversial religious theory, that the author has played round with but still …………… Now read it and tell me you didn’t shudder like me.

More please Mr. Carter!


Erik  Carter

Erik Carter writes thrillers and mysteries. A trained public historian and design professional, his adventures have led him across America, where he has done everything from hosting a television show to shooting documentaries in the desert to teaching college. These experiences gave the background he needs for his greatest adventure—writing fiction.


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Stone Groove (Dale Conley Action Thrillers Series Book 1) by [Carter, Erik]

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by Erik Carter




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