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Screw Camp David.
The first Post-Trump President is a sex addict who hangs in Vegas …
and keeps misplacing the nuclear codes.

In this hilarious, fast paced novel, the first post-Trump President ‘decompresses’ by picking up women in his time off. Which is complicated when the nuclear Gold Codes go missing, and a bad actor is about to infiltrate POTUS’s inner circle.

The CIA calls in Charley, a charismatic transman spy, to use his intuitive skills to vet everyone around POTUS, including his harem. Simultaneously, Charley’s charismatic ex-lover suddenly appears and becomes a key suspect.

Meanwhile, Charley is trying to marry his fiancée- on one of her few weekends off from CIA training camp, 2,000 miles away. When POTUS finds out that Charley’s fiancée is Electra, the world-famous dominatrix known as ‘The Society Dom’, he yanks her out of training so he can have sessions with her in Vegas.

Does Charley seriously have to surrender his fiancée to POTUS as he struggles to find the infiltrator?

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by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey


Although this is the third novel in this series, it can be read very well in its own right. So firstly POTUS is in fact short for President of the United States and this story revolves round the more personal side of the president’s life, not the running the country bit. It is one big mickey take of the behind the scenes look at the big fellow, his whims and demands that he expects to be met at the snap of his fingers because of who he is.

Now the president has a bit of an addiction that involves sleeping with the entire population it seems, as one woman alone doesn’t seem to satisfy his needs. This is a nightmare for his security team, especially Charlie who is supposed to vet each one but he really feels he has better things to do. The president insists on keeping the credit card sized sensitive information of launch codes for nuclear bombs with him. Well not all the time as he does tend to misplace it…….. a lot! Until one day it can not be found and all hell breaks loose.

Charlie is trying to sort out his own life, with wedding plans to marry Electra, an ex dominatrix  that was very well-known in high society as ‘The Society Dom’ but now training to be part of the C.I.A. You can imagine what happens when the President finds out. How far will Charlie go to meet the Presidents demands?

The first half of the book builds up the characters before the story real takes off in the second half. It is quite slap stick funny but very entertaining with its quick pace and change of characters. The President is just one big sleaze ball that was use to getting his own way as a wealthy man and now throughly abusing his power in the position he has, shudder, skin crawl moment.

The two authors have worked well on this book as it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. It makes for a light-hearted read, a book to relax with and just go with the humour. Very funny at times and I just had a vision of what this character would look like, I just couldn’t help it. I am sure near on everyone will have the same image too.


Suzanne Falter

Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker and blogger whose work has reached more than two million people. She has published both fiction and non-fiction. Her novel, Doin’ the Box Step (Random House), was featured in New York Magazine and Cosmopolitan among others. Her non-fiction titles include How Much Joy Can You Stand? and Living Your Joy (both Ballantine.) How Much Joy Can You Stand? was a Dual Main Selection of The One Spirit Book Club. Living Your Joy became a #2 bestseller on Amazon and was named a ‘Best of the Best Self Help Book’ by SELF Magazine. Suzanne’s online writing and videos can be found on Facebook, Google +, YouTube and Pinterest and on her blog at

Following retirement from a successful career on Wall Street in corporate finance and venture capital, Jack Harvey has turned his attention to fiction and the increasingly popular area of gender dynamics.  In his first novel, Transformed, he is partnering with his cousin, author Suzanne Falter.  Jack and his wife have two grown daughters and live in Manhattan and Connecticut.





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