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Firstly I wish to thank  Tracy Fenton and Lauren Woosey for inviting me to be a part of this Blog Tour for WE OWN THE SKY by Luke Allnutt


A triumphant story about love, loss and finding hope–against all odds“We looked down at the cliff jutting into the sea, a rubber boat full of kids going under the arch, and then you started running and jumping through the grass, dodging the rabbit holes, shouting at the top of your voice, so I started chasing you, trying to catch you, and we were laughing so hard as we ran and ran, kicking up rainbow showers in the leaves.”Rob Coates feels like he’s won the lottery of life. There is Anna, his incredible wife, their London town house and, most precious of all, Jack, their son, who makes every day an extraordinary adventure. But when a devastating illness befalls his family, Rob’s world begins to unravel. Suddenly finding himself alone, Rob seeks solace in photographing the skyscrapers and clifftops he and his son Jack used to visit. And just when it seems that all hope is lost, Rob embarks on the most unforgettable of journeys to find his way back to life, and forgiveness.We Own the Sky is a tender, heartrending, but ultimately life-affirming novel that will resonate deeply with anyone who has suffered loss or experienced great love. With stunning eloquence and acumen, Luke Allnutt has penned a soaring debut and a true testament to the power of love, showing how even the most thoroughly broken heart can learn to beat again.”A breathtaking read that describes perfectly the joy and pain that comes with loving fully and all the compassion and forgiveness it requires. Brimming with hope to the very end.” –Steven Rowley, bestselling author of Lily and the Octopus“Anyone who wishes David Nicholls would write faster needs to grab this with both hands. It’s a truly stunning achievement.” –Jill Mansell, Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay

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by Luke Allnutt



You need a big Do Not Disturb sign up when you begin this book because you will just not be in a good state to talk to anyone while you are reading. This is an emotional charged story that just rips you apart and glues you back together but you won’t be the same person that you were. This will be my chosen read at the end of the year for February and I know that I will still remember this story like I have just read it. It really is so powerful.

On paper, as you say, Rob and Anna just aren’t a match. He is hi-tech, believes that the impossible is just the future that hasn’t happened yet and a take a chance sort of guy, while Anna is more solid based, believes what is at front of her eyes, a realist, but they do work, they fall madly in love, get married and eventually want a baby. The simplest most natural thing in the world but miscarriage after heart breaking miscarriage happens with no real cause or reason, then at last a beautiful baby son Jack.

Jack is a bright happy little boy, then things go wrong, something that no child should have to go through and no parent should have to face. Oh boy does this writer wear his heart on his sleeve for everyone to see, feel and experience. There are so many raw and honest emotions in this story. The thoughts that you know must be in everyone’s head that this happens to but no-one dare say out loud. The desperation and grasping anything with the slightest chance of hope, no matter if it costs you everything.

This story is where most would end but it doesn’t I am just blown away with it and think I cried more at the end than in the middle of the book. This story has some of the most frustrating, angry, heart breaking and tender moments in it that you will ever read. It captures the pivotal moment of life and death when you feel so empty there is nothing left. Oh wow! It is just bloody awesome. Absolutely loved the whole book, so very beautifully written, it really is. It gives you far more than hope.


Luke Allnutt grew up in Surrey and has lived and worked in Prague as a journalist since 1998, writing mostly about technology and Eastern European politics. In 2013, he wrote about his father’s death from a brain tumour in UNSPOKEN, a Kindle Single for Amazon. A keen runner, he is married and has two young boys.



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