Off The Grid by C.J. Box (Joe Pickett Book #16) @cjboxauthor @Hoz_Books

Off the Grid (Joe Pickett Book 16) by [Box, C.J.]



There’s no hiding off the grid.

Joe Pickett’s old friend Nate Romanowski is off the grid, lying low while the FBI search for him. But they’re not the only ones looking. Nate finds himself confronted by agents who need his help assessing a potential terror threat in Wyoming’s Red Desert – in return they’ll make Nate’s criminal record disappear. Nate knows they can’t be trusted – but with his liberty at stake, he has to comply… for now.

Meanwhile, Joe’s heading south, under orders from State Governor Rulon to investigate a rash of crimes and an uptick in secretive federal activity along Interstate 80…

As they pursue their quarries, both men will be drawn deep into the Red Desert, 9,000 square miles of bleak, punishing terrain, home to a secret that could take them both down.

What people are saying about OFF THE GRID:

Off The Grid is one hell of a book

‘After a long series of excellent books, the characters still feel fresh

‘Keeps you on the edge of your seat. As usual, once you start you can’t stop!

‘C J Box can’t write them quick enough, I loved it

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by C.J. Box



Well Nate is certainly back in the running in this story, literally that is. I do feel sorry for him always having to be one step in front of the government wanting to hunt him down and haul him in jail. Captured and offered a deal, again, “Do this job for us and the slate is wiped clean”. How could he refuse? Oh yep, just one condition if he gets caught he is on his own. That is some sour deal! At least he gets to work with his beloved  birds of prey, he is after all a Master Falconer.

Joe too is heading for more trouble than he bargained for by the request of Governor  Rulon. There are some rather delicate pieces of equipment going missing that is causing a lot of concern. Luckily there is some other activity on the area that gives Joe the perfect cover for having a snoop round. Think birds, a wild bear and some pretty bad guys that you wouldn’t want to meet anywhere, never mind in the middle of nowhere, ok Wyoming. Now Joe is all for a good hunt, with the right equipment, permits, and in the season for it. What he hates is blatant killing of wild life where a carcass if left to rot and not even the meat is eaten. So he is in for a blood boiling session but there is a much larger complication at the camp than he could have ever guessed.

It’s a wonder that I hadn’t ground my teeth to nothing by the time I finished reading this book. Thing is as a reader you are expecting things to take a turn for the worse and it just crushes me when it involves a character I have grown to love. I suppose when people are pushed into life or death situations it can bring out some surprising reactions.

Joe Pickett is a cracking character, dedicated to his job, his family and his friendship with Nate.  I always feel a little homesick when each of these books end, as I long to be back in the fold of the Pickett family.



C. J. Box

Edgar Award-winning author C.J. Box is the author of nineteen novels including the Joe Pickett series. He’s also won the Anthony Award, Prix Calibre 38 (France), the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, and the Barry Award. His short stories have been featured in America’s Best Mystery Stories of 2006 and limited-edition printings. 2008 novel BLOOD TRAIL was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin (Ireland) Literary Award.

Box is a Wyoming native and has worked as a ranch hand, surveyor, fishing guide, a small town newspaper reporter and editor, and he co-owns an international tourism marketing firm with his wife Laurie. They have three daughters. An avid outdoorsman, Box has hunted, fished, hiked, ridden, and skied throughout Wyoming and the Mountain West. He served on the Board of Directors for the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Box lives in Wyoming.





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