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Spy Trap by [Martin, A.P.]

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by A.P. Martin


‘There’s a fellow who will soon have some rather important documents that we need to get back to Britain safely. How would you fancy the job of making sure he gets there with them?’
Bill Blake is a spy at the end of his tether. He just wants to go home, wherever that is now. Despite his genuine reservations, he’s forced to accept one final mission to earn his ticket back to Britain. However, what should have been a straightforward ‘babysitting’ job becomes much more difficult and dangerous with the rapid Fall of France and the effective surrounding of Switzerland by hostile Axis forces. Blake finds himself trapped in the neutral, but threatened Alpine Republic with an ex Naval Gunnery Officer who is in possession of plans and blueprints vital to Britain’s ability to defend herself.

An instant mutual antipathy between the two men complicates matters as they grapple with the frequent necessity to alter their escape plans, the ever present risk of betrayal and a relentless pursuit by German Military Intelligence.

Adapted from little known true events, Spy Trap takes the reader on their epic struggle to deliver to Britain the ability to produce a weapon which would be vital to her survival and ultimate victory.



Oh wow just love the book cover and after I finished reading it, it caught my eye again and sent shivers through me. Great Britain had never looked so far away from a Switzerland that was totally surrounded with the Nazi flags, signifying the daunting task of two brave men making it back home in one piece very slim.

Now if you are looking for some sort of James Bond hero type read then move on please, this is the story of two courageous men, under cover in Europe and both wanting and needing to return home to Britain for different reasons.  There are no fancy gadgets to help them evade the enemy. Just a make it up as you go along sort of plan, with neither of them aware that a German Intelligence Officer was closing in fast, as they traveled through occupied countries in Europe. Captain Ulrich Schulz was a very focused blood hound that was hot on their trail. He hadn’t a clue what they had but he knew it couldn’t get to Great Britain, just like he was determined Blake and Milton wouldn’t!

William Blake had lived on a knife-edge far too long to the point of exhaustion and a longing to return back home but the only way he is offered the chance of doing just that is to take on one final mission. Accompany Ex Gunner Officer Milton across Europe and finally to the safety of the Great Britain. He of course will be carrying vital blueprints of a Navy Cannon that could swing the chances of winning the war in Great Britain’s favor. Now there were times that I felt Blake and Milton would see each other off without the help of the Nazis, these two are like chalk and cheese with differing view points on everything.

The story is based on true events, which can be read about in the back of the book but here with fact and fiction then being mixed, it works beautifully.  I felt transported back in time with the way Mr. Martin captured the dialogue of the characters with perfection. It really was a joy to read. There is a real dread of being captured throughout the book which began at the start with a brave young woman and just kept growing with intensity as the two traveled across Europe. No matter how they tried to avoid other people their destinies crossed, it was a matter of deciding if they could be trusted or not.

The whole book has very realistic feel to it and quite a tribute to the men and women that did so much in a very unassuming and quiet way. A super read!


A.P. Martin

I was born and spent my entire working life in the North West of England, where I taught at school, college and university levels. I became Head of Department of Social Sciences at a University, specialising in the study of social inequality, social mobility and sport. During my academic career I published many sociological studies on these themes.

Since taking early retirement, I have really enjoyed immersing myself in reading and writing fiction. I feel that most historical fiction benefits from a connection to something that actually happened, so when I wrote my first book Codename Lazarus, I took a little known true story and used it as a framework for an exciting thriller. I have just published my second novel, Spy Trap, which also takes as its inspiration a fascinating, yet almost unknown episode from the Second World War.


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