Imperfect Strangers by David Staniforth @david_dswrites #Review


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by David Staniforth


How well do you know the people you see every day? Sally hardly knows Keith. They’re practically strangers until the day she smiles at him. Would you smile so readily if you risked losing your friends? Would you smile so readily if you risked losing your life? Unfortunately, you can’t begin to know a person until you let them in. Imperfect Strangers: A psychological thriller that simmers to a dark and dramatic climax.


Keith hides in plain sight, a night watchman that sees people come and go to work in the building where he works but they have no need to see him. He blends and if possible avoids speaking to people to hide his stammer. Then one day she smiles and he knows that she is the one. It is a sign, he saw it in her eyes, Sally would love him and he would love her.

Now let this be a bit of a warning to any girls that want to jar their boyfriend off after finding evidence that he has kissed another girl. Don’t play with other men’s feelings, you may see it as flirting but they may see it as, OMG I am going to marry you one day!

Keith wasn’t just your run of the mill normal shy kind of bloke, he lived a lot of his life with his dead mother still going strong in his head and as the story of Keith and Sally moved forward, each with their own agendas playing out. The horrendous childhood of Keith was relived as everyday objects where triggers that sent him hurtling back in time, in his mind to experience her punishments again. Keith really freaked me out but his mother was a new breed of off the scale mentally disturbed certifiable nut jobs.

David Staniforth delivers a real heart in your mouth and something else in your pants kind of read! I have read a lot of books and looked inside a lot of minds but Keith’s was one of the saddest, as there was no where to hide in there. Just how far will this damaged man go to eventually find someone to love him? Just superb!



David Staniforth

I’ve been inventing stories as far back as I can remember (mostly to keep me out of trouble), but began writing seriously after finishing an English studies BA as a mature student. My writing is influenced by so many things: a love of reading all genres; films; music; raising my two daughters; hill walking; and much, much more. I tend to take all I know, throw it into a setting and see what comes out.

My first four books were all fantasy, but then a new story entered my mind that insisted on being a psychological thriller. Just like raising children, a story insists on being what it was always meant to be: Characters will behave as they want, and plots will demand to go in a certain direction. All I do as an author is transfer their antics into writing and then release them into the world to see what readers make of them.

I have more fantasy tales to tell and more thrillers too. I can’t promise all readers that they will like my stories, but I can promise one thing: I will never publish anything that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed myself.



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