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Gone God World: A Paradise Lot Urban Fantasy (Paradise Lot Novel Book 1) by [Vance, R. E.]

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by R. E. Vance


If his legendary new neighbors don’t drive him crazy, he might just have a shot at stopping the apocalypse…

When the gods ditched Earth, the displaced mythical creatures from heaven and hell ended up at Jean-Luc Matthias’ hotel. To keep his business afloat, Jean-Luc is forced to handle the drama from folklore and fairytale creatures who are way out of their element. To say these succubi, poltergeists, and angels are out of touch with the mortal way of life would be an understatement…

While his attempts to prepare his new tenants for the real world lead to one failure after another, Jean-Luc runs into another problem. An ominous Other is terrorizing the night and the creature’s bloody deeds could unearth the hotel owner’s hidden past. If he wants to save his business, protect his legendary tenants, and preserve humanity, Jean-Luc may be the world’s only hope against utter devastation…

Gone God World is a hilariously dark urban fantasy novel with an imaginative twist. If you like gritty worlds, reimagined mythology, and shadowy mysteries, then you’ll love Ramy Vance’s divinely comedic adventure.

Buy Gone God World today for a fun-filled fantasy of mythic proportions!



Well the human race certainly blew it in this story! All the Gods of all the religions had left, yep we had over centuries proved ourselves as unworthy. Lets face it more people questioned their faith and respect for all the commandments was just a joke. So after the Gods departed they expelled the others from heaven and hell, as they too had been forsaken by the Gods.

The others were all the mythical, magical and fairy tale creatures that had been just a figment of the  humans imaginations before. Just stop and think this is anything from a unicorn to a dragon, a giant to a vampire.  Well I thought it was pretty cool and although Jean-Luc Matthias was originally part of an army to get rid of the others he had over time learnt to live with them, literally in his hotel, because of a promise he made.

Now although all of these creatures are here in the flesh, fur, scales or feathers they have had to face difficult decisions. They still have their powers but are now mortal and ok they can live so much longer than humans, it is still a bit of a kick in the teeth when not long ago they were immortal.  There is a catch too, if they use their powers or magic they burn years off their life expectancy. The air is electric with tension between them all. Will all the species ever be able to accept each other for who they are now, not how they look or how they were remembered?

When a stranger calls at the hotel everything changes, there is something pretty special in the air and Jean-Luc will be the centre of it all.

Be prepared for an unusual urbane fantasy, funny and at times with more than a hint of darkness and totally entertaining from cover to cover. Jean-Luc is certainly the reluctant hero that is bound to a promise he made to his wife. A wonderful love story that would put any fairy tale to shame and characters that are more than entertaining, especially down at the police station where Medusa is on the stations desk and the three Billy Goats gruff form part of the police force. It is just brilliant unique entertainment.

There is of course a serious side to the story too, good is still battling with evil but now at gigantic proportions, with so much more at stake. This is the first book in the series. It made me giggle and smile, get behind the good guys and have punch in the air moments, already downloaded the second book as soon as I finished this one. Just love these crazy characters.


R.E. Vance lives in Edinburgh with his wife, recently born child and imaginary dog where he enjoys a beautiful city, whisky (Scottish spelling, not mine) and long walks. All he really wants is to quit his job and write stories based in Paradise Lot. All he really hopes for is that his child is healthy (ten fingers, ten toes and at least two eyes is a good start) and that eventually he can get a real dog so that he can have an excuse to go on even more long walks.






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