The Void by David Staniforth @david_dswrites #Mystery #Suspense

Void by [Staniforth, David]


Memories define us, they tell us who we’ve been in the past and give insight to who we are likely to be in the future.
But what if you wake with no memory? Tom Gardener faces this very situation when he wakes in a freezing car with no idea where or who he is. As memories emerge fuelled by music and dreams, so too comes a sense of dread that there may be things he does not want to remember. Is his mind protecting him from something?

Who is he?
What has he done?
Where does he belong?
Why can he not remember?

VOID: a psychological journey of discovery that forces the question: To what extent can our memories be trusted?


The thought of losing a whole week of my life every year would be terrible but to lose the first 20 years as well is unbearable. It would drive me insane and scare the hell out of me all at the same time. This is Tom’s normal life and he doesn’t now how to fix it, he just has a feeling of dread that what his mind has hidden away must be so horrific that he wouldn’t be able to cope with it. Is he a murderer or rapist? He prays not but why then does he not know about his past and where does he go for a whole week every year then forget about it again? This has gone on for nine long years. Does he have a family?

This is a pretty wicked mystery and Tom is not in control, it’s like having a switch in his mind to take care of unfinished business, be it good or bad, of course he is favouring the latter but hoping for the first. There isn’t just him to consider now either, his girlfriend is supportive but after a couple of years, she too needs answers. So a plan is devised and set into motion……….

This story really sets your mind into overdrive as you can feel the frustration and fear of Tom not knowing if his dreams and nightmares are hidden memories and if they are could he face what they are implying? Not all is bad, he has a talent from his past that his subconscious has persevered for him and kept in tact until the day he was drawn back to it naturally and with such ease. I loved this bit of the story.

Different sections of the book are  intertwined with songs which the author recommends you to listen to and if you do then it gives a greater feeling and depth to the events. Do give it a go. All very cleverly done. It really makes it all into a symphony of words to be enjoyed on every level.

Just love the cover which really does represent Tom’s missing years and fear of finding out what the void holds. Extremely well thought out and written. A huge recommend for reading and listening!


David Staniforth

I’ve been inventing stories as far back as I can remember (mostly to keep me out of trouble), but began writing seriously after finishing an English studies BA as a mature student. My writing is influenced by so many things: a love of reading all genres; films; music; raising my two daughters; hill walking; and much, much more. I tend to take all I know, throw it into a setting and see what comes out. My first four books were all fantasy, but then a new story entered my mind that insisted on being a psychological thriller. Just like raising children, a story insists on being what it was always meant to be: Characters will behave as they want, and plots will demand to go in a certain direction. All I do as an author is transfer their antics into writing and then release them into the world to see what readers make of them. I have more fantasy tales to tell and more thrillers too. I can’t promise all readers that they will like my stories, but I can promise one thing: I will never publish anything that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed myself.







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