Disposal by David Evans (Tendring #1) @DavidEwriter #NewRelease



From the author of the International Best Selling Wakefield Series comes DISPOSAL, the first of a completely new crime series.

August 1976 and it seems as though the long hot summer will never end. Early morning at Clacton on the north Essex coast, a light aircraft takes off from the airstrip but struggles for height and crashes into the sea. First on the scene, Sgt Cyril Claydon pulls the pilot’s body from the wreckage. But something else catches his eye. A bulky package wrapped in black plastic is on the passenger seat. Returning to investigate, he makes a grim discovery – another body. And so begins a series of events that puts him and others in danger as he is drawn into the investigation, having to work alongside DI ‘Dick’ Barton, a man with totally alien attitudes.

Can they work together?


It is so strange that as the years pass by you don’t really notice the changes that are happening round you, only when you get that instant jolt do you realise how much things have changed. David Evans does that with his books which are set in the 1970’s. Disposal begins in August 1976, a Summer that is a very memorable one because of how hot it was.

As soon as I opened the book it was like a step back in time. No mobile phones or internet in sight, people actually talked to each other. Sergeant Cyril Claydon is a man ready for retirement, he is widowed, not a very happy soul and just wanting to be at home with his dog.

Fate comes flying from the sky in the form of a light aircraft and crashes not far from where he is on duty. What he finds is one very dead pilot and one very dead passenger. It would appear though that the passenger, wrapped in Black plastic, has been dead much longer than the pilot. This was going to involve a lot of paper work and a DI to head an investigation. With a shortage of staff DI Dick Barton and Sergeant Claydon have to be paired together. It’s like pouring oil on water!

I really didn’t know if these two would ever really seem like they were on the same side to be able to investigate the mystery of the dead passenger and demise of the plane and pilot, let alone be civil to each other. Poor Cyril just didn’t need this, he was a bloke who did his investigating by the book. Being a new series I had as much fascination with these two as I did about the case.

Loved the story and the pace at which it had to be investigated looking for solid evidence. No data base to look for comparisons to other cases and forensics were not always reliable for being accurate. Yep this was good old leg work and real pen pushing. There are some brilliant characters in this story, I especially love dear old Doris, one of Cyril’s neighbours. She is such a wise old lady and just so lovely.

This is a cracking start to what promises to develop into another brilliant series for David Evans.


David Evans

Excited to announce the release of the first of a new crime series set in north Essex in the late 1970s. DISPOSAL is the first of The Tendring Series.
Previously the 3 books in The Wakefield Series so far have been published by Bloodhound Books http://www.bloodhoundbooks.com. The boxset became an International Best Seller in June 2016.
The Wakefield Series is a crime fiction series set primarily in Yorkshire, consisting of TROPHIES, TORMENT, which was shortlisted in the prestigious Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger in 2013, and TALISMAN. They are all currently available in paperback or ebook formats.


Author Website: http://www.davidevanswriter.co.uk/
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/davidevanswriter/
Twitter: @DavidEwriter


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