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I am delighted to be taking part on the Blog Tour for IT’S WHO WE ARE by Christine Webber.


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It’s Who We Are is a story about five friends in their fifties who find themselves dealing with unforeseen upheaval as they uncover long-hidden and devastating family secrets. It takes place between October 2016 and June 2017, against a backdrop of all the political uncertainty and change in the UK, Europe and America. The novel is set in East Anglia, London and Ireland, and explores the importance of friendship, kindness and identity – and how vital it is to reach for what enhances rather than depletes you


This is a truly amazing story and very different to what I was expecting. The book revolves round five main characters that are all connected through each other one way or another. They definitely lean towards the wealthier members of society but don’t think for a moment that money can buy a trouble-free life for them. Each of them have their own emotional mid-life crisis to deal, with all of them being well into their fifties. Is it enough to settle for what one has already got, or throw caution to the wind and take a massive leap of faith into a new life?

Now I have to say that I did get quite a buzz reading  a story about more mature characters similar to my own age. I could understand the sheer waves of panic that come over you as you approach the top end of middle age and it is scary. What ever mistakes you have made or missed chances you have had in your life this is sort of the last chance to do something about it. It really is a sort of time that for once you have to put yourself first.

There are some cracking characters in the story, Michael, Philip, Julian, Araminta and Wendy. Just when you think that they are getting their lives sorted and know where they are going fate throws a rather large unexpected curve ball. Blimey, this story has gone from understanding how they all felt to speechless. The secrets that are discovered I felt should be in whispers because saying them out aloud would make them real and making them real would change the group forever.

I can’t really say that I gelled with all of the characters to begin with but by the time the story came to a close each one of them mattered to me. My two favourite characters have to be Araminta and Michael but I wanted them all to find happiness, in fact I wanted to be part of this elite group.

An awesome book that is a brilliant read for any age.


Christine  Webber

Christine Webber originally trained as an opera singer but had to re-think her career plans when her voice professor commented: ‘Your voice is ok, but your legs are very much better!’
Musical theatre beckoned. There was some success. But not much.
However, eventually, in 1978, she became a news presenter for Anglia TV. At last she had found something she enjoyed that other people thought she was good at. It was such a relief that she stayed for 12 very happy years. Towards the end of that period, her first novel, In Honour Bound, was published.
Next, she became an agony aunt for various publications including TV Times, Best, Dare and BBC Parenting. She also wrote a column for the Scotsman and one for Woman called Sexplanations.
During her ‘problem page’ years, she also trained as a psychotherapist and started a small practice in Harley Street, where she still works.
She has written 12 non-fiction books including How to Mend a Broken Heart and Get the Happiness Habit. But finally, she has returned to her original love of writing fiction with Who’d Have Thought It?
She says: ‘Mid-life women are so fascinating. Having explored their hopes, fears, insecurities and options in my book for female baby boomers, ‘Too Young to Get Old’ I thought it would be fun to fictionalise what I had learned. This book is the result.’



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