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Thriller/Suspense/Crime Fiction
Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-62634-451-8
ISBN (e-Book): 978-1-62634-452-5


The brutal murder of a friend leaves lawyer John Coleman stunned and sends shockwaves through the city of Cleveland. The technique of the killing recalls memories of the Torso Murderer, who dismembered at least twelve people decades ago and then vanished—eluding even legendary crime fighter Eliot Ness. Jennifer, the victim’s beautiful daughter, hires John to handle her father’s estate, and romantic feelings for her soon complicate his already troubled marriage. When John finds himself entangled with a cold-blooded biker gang, an ex-cop with a fuzzy past, and the drug-addicted son of the dead man, he struggles to make sense of it all.

But there is no escaping a growing sense of dread.

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The Torso Murderer had brutally killed twelve victims in the forties and evaded capture. The legend of him was etched into the mind of the residents and history of the town, so when the body, yes literally just the body, of a man was found behind a bar in a skip with all the rubbish, it instilled fear in everyone. The victim, Oyster, was a drinking buddy of Lawyer John Coleman who had been in the bar when his friend was discovered.

John Coleman isn’t the most likeable guy that you could meet, in fact he is quite shallow and selfish. He is alcohol pickled and easily lead, well with very little resistance, to the temptation of a pretty woman even though he has a wife at home and a daughter that he adores. He thought that he had known Oyster pretty well but when Jennifer, Oyster’s daughter hired him to handle her father’s estate he was shocked at the amount of wealth he had left to be divided between her and her drug taking brother.

Now this story takes off in a direction that really made me sit up, I mean I know that I said he wasn’t my favourite sort of bloke but talk about a wake up call for him! Gawd damn it how much can one man take? not to mention his poor wife and daughter. When I thought things just couldn’t get any worse, they just multiplied. I ended up really wanting this guy to get through everything in one piece, like that was going to happen, OMG it is so intense!

This is my sort of book, very dark and violent with suspense that makes my skin crawl like finger nails down a window pane. This is the debut novel of this author and he has smashed it. Just one wicked story from beginning to end. Bring it on Mr .Jordan!


Michael          Jordan

Michael Jordan obtained his undergraduate degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, with highest honors, and his law degree from George Washington University, where he was a member of the Law Review. A trial lawyer and arbitrator for over three decades, he has been recognized as an Ohio Super Lawyer and named to Best Lawyers in America. A member of the International Association of Crime Writers, The Company of Demons is his first novel.

An avid traveler, Michael has climbed Mt. Fuji, swam in The Devil’s Pool on the cusp of Victoria Falls, trekked a glacier in Patagonia, and visited numerous other countries. Yes—an international thriller lies in the future! He has also acted in several theatrical productions and his experience on stage is helpful in creating characters for his novels. He is currently working on his next book, a thriller set during the closing stages of WWII.

A native of Saginaw, Michigan, Michael and his wife, Linda Gross Brown, a soft pastel artist, divide their time between homes in Rocky River, Ohio, and Longboat Key, Florida. They enjoy traveling, pleasure boating, and very cold martinis.


The Company of Demons is be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

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