A Fire in the Dark by Philomena Barry #Poems




A collection of poems written by Athlone author Philomena Barry.

Paperback, 40 pages
Published August 2017


I was asked by the author Philomena Barry, if I could take a look at her book of poems.

The book is quite short, at only forty pages but the content is very good. Each of the poems are very thought provoking, mostly quite dark and moving. I think that the title of the Book reflects them well. A fire in the dark means that there is always hope, I believe, something to keep you going and head towards. Well that is how I see it, I suppose it could be different for everyone. It is how different people see different things in any poem, like looking at art. I believe that poetry can be very different to the same person from day today depending on one’s own mood and mind set.

I really took to the first poem The Aging Love, Wicked and An Eye for An Eye. These three just stuck in my mind and kept coming back to me. I didn’t read the whole book in a day. It just isn’t that sort of book. I read three or four each day so that I could think more clearly about what meaning they had for the author and for me. It would have spoiled them to read more than that and not given them any strength, meaning or depth. It isn’t about getting to the end. The end happens when each poem finishes.

The author introduces herself in the book and explains a bit about her writing, some of which I have used below.

This book isn’t available through Amazon, but only through her and local outlets round where she lives in Ireland and at her local library. It can also be purchased directly from her through her author page below.


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The poems have been influenced by many things both personal feelings and experiences and external influences too including T.V. shows. Here at two examples:

Black on White on Fire was inspired by an episode of the TV series Quantum Leap, while Primeval was inspired by an episode of Buffy the vampire Slayer. Both poems have the same name as the episode that helped bring about their creation.

She is at the moment working on a series of crime books set in Australia, called The Koala Beach Mysteries. She will shorty be starting the third book before shipping them out to a publisher.

Philomena Barry is an independent author who is more than happy to be approached through Goodreads or her author page.





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