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Private investigator Charlie Miner, freshly revived from his own murder, gets a call from Homicide Detective Dave Putnam. Self-styled “psychic to the stars” Tamara Gale has given crucial information about three murders, and the brass thinks it makes the Department look bad. Dave wants Charlie to help figure out the angle, since he has first-hand experience with the inexplicable. Trouble is, Charlie, just weeks after his full-death experience, once again has severe cognitive problems and may get them both killed. At once a riveting mystery and a completely unique character study, Down to No Good will both captivate you and work its way into your heart.

PRAISE FOR EARL JAVORSKY’S FIRST CHARLIE MINER NOVEL, DOWN SOLO: “Earl Javorsky’s bold and unusual Down Solo blends the mysterious and the supernatural boldly and successfully. The novel is strong and haunting, a wonderful debut.” – T. Jefferson Parker, New York Times bestselling author of Full Measure and The Famous and the Dead

“Awesome” – James Frey, New York Times bestselling author “Offbeat and dark and wonderful. This book caught me in the first few pages and never let me go.

Javorsky is a prodigious writer: dark, intelligent, often hilariously funny, and he holds the accelerator to the floor throughout the whole amazing story.” – Timothy Hallinan, bestselling author of the Poke Rafferty series and the Junior Bender series

“Don’t miss Earl Javorsky’s Down Solo. It’s kick-ass, man. Excellent writing. This guy is the real deal.” – Dan Fante, author of the memoir Fante and the novel Point Doom

“Javorsky’s dark and gritty prose is leavened with just enough humor to make Down Solo a compelling story that will take readers to the outer limits of noir.” – San Diego City Beat


I only took a couple of days in between  reading the first book in the series and this one. This story more or less carries on where the other left off, or that is the feeling that I got. There are little recaps as gentle reminders of stuff that has already taken place but I would say read book one because it is just pure entertainment, so do it for the pleasure rather than need.

Charlie Miner has to be one of the worst down and out sort of P.I’s that I have come across. OK he did start off with a house, which he doesn’t have now, not his fault like, but he does like his booze and drugs, in not too healthy quantities. but then again he is dead. Charlie Miner, having been murdered in the first book and not ‘moved on’ can still use his body to get round in. Pretty cool really. Thing is I just can’t help but really like this guy.

A homicide detective friend of his, Dave Putnam, calls on him to give a hand when a lady psychic is solving crimes faster than he can get to the scene, well real quick anyway. How do you prove she is genuine? Her book sales are certainly soaring but so is the attention of someone trying to discredit her.

This is again a super story  the follows Charlie Miner and his rather unconventional methods of asking suspects questions. I love how he repairs his ever increasing battered body. It isn’t like he can just walk into a hospital is it? I would love a prequel to this book, just to see how he lived before because boy does he get shot a lot. If he was a cat he would have used up all his lives by now!

I was very taken with the story as it had an unusual twist with it and I don’t just mean because of Charlie. The whole thing just drew me in and fascinated me. I can see that this could become quite a series with quite a following.


Earl Javorsky

Earl Javorsky grew up in Los Angeles and attended the local community college and UCLA. He then went to Emerson College, a teacher training school in England. Besides having written two published novels, he has created strategically optimized content (blogs, feature articles, and web pages) for treatment centers throughout the country, taught music at Pepperdine University (Malibu campus), worked in technical sales and marketing, and been employed as a writer for several Hollywood entertainment periodicals. Additionally, he has worked as an editor and/or proofreader for several publishers, including The Story Plant,BelleBooks, and The Learning Company, as well as (on the technical side) The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.




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