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If you’ve ever felt like life is passing you by at a startling rate, or you just exist day to day rather than living life to the full, this book will share honest, straightforward, and realistic techniques to help motivate you to make powerful changes.

From setting goals and organising your life, to freeing yourself from fear, Shelley shares the unique story of how she planned, prepared, and executed the year of challenges and life-changing events brought about by her motivational, award-winning blog.

How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is full of practical tips, exercises, and real-life stories of success, including advice on how to trust yourself and celebrate achievements, as well as manage your time and balance your life effectively.

Shelley’s first book, How I Changed My Life in a Year, became a bestseller in self-help and memoir as it struck a nerve with the thousands of women looking to make a difference and be the best they could be.

Dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel, this book can be enjoyed before or after reading How I Changed My Life in a Year.


I must admit that I thought I knew myself before I read this book. I am always busy, work full-time, have a home to run with a couple of grown up children and a granddaughter that is here at weekends, I read a book a day and blog. Well that sort of sums up my life. The thing is it all goes to pot if I deviate just a little, even just a coffee with a friend. By reading this book I realised that really I was ‘organised’ chaos most of the time motoring through days and just aiming for the end instead of enjoying what I was doing. I had a plan but not a good one.

After reading this book I took a step back and really assessed not just my day-to-day routines but longer planning. I definitely needed to plan my hobby round my life not my life round my hobby. I loved the idea of the lists. There was so much that I really wanted to do and now that has changed into there are so many things that I am going to do. It has put a spring in my step and given me a much-needed energy boost.

Shelley Wilson talks openly about her own life and the changes she has made herself. She shares the successes and the failures and how to make them positive outcomes. It is a down to earth and practical book for the ordinary everyday woman to adjust to her own personal needs to. There are no set rules just ideas and suggestions that can be a template to work from.

I am already looking forward to a new year in a very positive way.


Shelley is an author, blogger, and a freelance writer/coach. Her writing life is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde story as she writes for two genres that are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Her sensible and professional side writes non-fiction books for the self-help, and personal development genre. Whereas her cheeky and playful side loves to write young adult fantasy fiction.

Alongside her personal development blog ( Shelley also writes a book blog ( where she shares reviews, author interviews, and anything to do with writing, reading, and book related events.

Shelley is a single mum to three teenagers, a very old goldfish, and a crazy black cat called Luna. Her favourite things (apart from her children) are vampires, fantasy and sci-fi, Tudor history, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Netflix marathons. She loves visiting historical sites and can be quite excitable around a castle ruin.

Shelley is tall (5ft 11inches) which seems to surprise people when she meets them! She often hears, “you’re much taller than your profile picture!”

She tries to find the silver lining in every situation and this mind set has got her through some very tough moments.







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