NOIR MEDLEY Collected fiction of L.A. Sykes Volume One #Near To The Knuckle @scatterofashes



“He writes, as always, the kind of Beat, rhythmic, incantatory prose that knocks on the carved medieval door of poetry and demands entrance, it‘s hypnotic and powerful, it’s Ginsberg meets Hieronymus Bosch, and it’s everything you need right now.” –Gareth Spark, author of ‘Snake Farm’.

Thirty six stories that cut across crime, noir and horror fiction. Life on the edge. People on the brink. Sykes shines a spotlight on the wrong side of the tracks with deft observation, without flinching and with jet black humour.

A hard hitting rollercoaster of short fiction.


Oh wow is this a pearl of a find. As I have been working really long hours lately I needed a book that I could read in short sharp bursts and this one fitted the bill perfectly. Thirty six stories on the harder side of crime that at times tip into the horror genre but with a generous sprinkle of the wickedest humour that I have read in a while. I really needed a drool bib for this one.

Now if you are squeamish then it probably won’t be for you but if you like the hard-boiled variety of crime then this is a perfect choice. Just don’t eat or drink while reading as you will either choke or spray. I loved how Mr. Sykes, the Author, could make me laugh at the must inopportune moments when horrendous things were happening in the stories. I was in my element and even made note of a couple of stories that I went back to when I finished the book because they stood out to me.

Each of these stories take someone to their personal abyss where there is nowhere else to turn, be it a story of revenge or just pure bad luck, some leave you with a conclusion while others an uneasiness that this isn’t over. Which ever type of story it is it certainly leaves an impression. These are ageless tales that sort of slotted into a time zone while I was reading with appropriate voices to match.

This is a really top-notch read, which I would describe as tension fuelled, as there are some pretty decent twists scattered about and often only a couple of characters which intensifies the stories again. It certainly hit the spot for me. Superb entertainment!


LA Sykes

L.A. Sykes grew up in Atherton, Greater Manchester, UK.
He studied psychology and criminology at University of Central Lancashire before working in acute psychiatry and other helping professions for the last decade.
He’s been up or due at publications such as Shotgun Honey, Powder Burn Flash, The Big Adios, Blink Ink, Linguistic Erosion, Death Throes, James Ward Kirk’s Bones Anthology, Lurid Lit, Nightmare Illustrated, Dark Dreams Podcast, Spelk Fiction and others and contributed to Mark Slade and Frank Larnerd’s bizarre noir Blackout City Podcast while he works on his first novel and other projects.





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