Mummy with Benefits, The Fall from Grace by Marilyn Bennett @mbennett_author



Life has taken a rather positive turn for Grace. She is now working her socks off in a job she enjoys. She has also quite possibly met the man of her dreams.

So when she reluctantly has to dress up as her granny alter ego for one last time, it can only spell trouble. Grace is forced to confront her bad timing, bad luck and suitably questionable choices all head on.

Motherhood takes Grace on a new life-changing adventure, one that ensures she grows up, but also presents an opportunity for her to try and create a longed for family, which is almost within her reach.

But will she succeed?


Having already had the pleasure of reading Granny with Benefits, Mummy with Benefits was  a must read for me. Grace has at last seemed to get her life together, well she is pregnant, and not a clue which of the two men that she slept with is the baby’s dad, but Grace does have a pretty good career, yay! and she hasn’t dressed up as Aunt Louise for a while now. You have to start somewhere right?

Now nothing ever really goes smooth for Grace, morning sickness is a bit of a joke as she falls in the percentage of suffering at any time of the day and she does have a bad habit of trying to manipulate fate to the outcome she would like best. So I knew that there was going to be hilarious cringe moments that I read with one eye and times that I would need tissues. Tissues became the biggest winner.

At 39 Grace seems to be destined in making bad choices though other people do play a major role in complicating her life too.  There were some shockers for me that made me really feel for Grace and one or two characters that made my blood boil.

I have to say that Grace does find ever lasting love. The most perfect love ever.

Marilyn Bennett doesn’t write a story to make her readers swoon, she writes about how some people really are the nitty, gritty, selfish people who invade our lives and use us. Now Aunt Louise was a super character that developed by pure chance in Granny with Benefits and manages to appear again in this book but with serious consequences for Grace.  I hope that there is going to be a book three to give Grace a positive future  and leave her and me with a smile.


Marilyn has worked in numerous production management roles across television broadcasting for the past 22 years. Her first introduction to writing was being commissioned to write a feature-length script. Over a decade later, she created a short film idea, Granny with Benefits, which soon developed into her debut novel.






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