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Firsly I wish to thank Hannah Groves Marketing Assistant of Endeavour Press for inviting me on this Blog Tour for BREAKING BONES by Robert White.




The streets of Preston are alive with music and banter. But nothing can drown out the sound of breaking bones.

Inseparable since childhood and feared by their community, Tony, Eddie and Frankie are beyond the reach of justice. The brutal gang, The Three Dogs, are a law unto themselves. Detective Jim Hacker has watched The Dogs grow from thuggish youths to psychotic criminals. He seems to be the only one who wants to see their empire fall.

Meanwhile Jamie Strange, a young Royal Marine, finds himself embroiled in the lives of The Three Dogs when his girlfriend, Laurie Holland, cuts off their engagement… to be with the most dangerous of The Dogs: Frankie Verdi. Jamie vows to save Laurie, before Frankie damns them both. Every dog will have its day.

This gritty, addictive crime story, fizzes with the energy of the eighties.


Just be very careful when you open this book because you won’t come out of it until there is no more pages to turn. I hate bullying and it is made a hundred times worse if the kid that is getting bullied is not really a bright lad. Tony had suffered at the hands of the school bully earlier in the day but by the end of the day the bully had been stabbed by three different compasses causing over 100 punctures in his body and face. The three 15-year-old lads that were responsible would serve time at an approved school for boys for what they had done. After their release the three find their first kill which sort of cements the bond they have had since they were little even more.

Frankie, Eddie and Tony were named The Three Dogs, by a reporter that covered the case, because they were so vicious, it was 1976 and over the next few years they would grow in power, wealth and violence. They promised that they would always have each others back. Any money they earned was pooled and shared so that their empire could expand. What they loved most of all was the violence. Think Krays but the Northern version, just mentioning the name ‘The Three Dogs’ put fear into the community.

The story is about how The Three Dogs built their empire in Preston as they quickly become notorious for getting what ever they wanted through violent actions that they were happy to put their names to. They became untouchable, through drug dealing and soon ruled the roost from a classy night club.  Women flocked round the handsome trio no matter how brutal these men were to them. Drugs fuelled their wealth and violence kept them on top.

Detective Jim Hacker was around to see it all, well the aftermath they left behind. There was real frustration that these three just mocked the entire justice system. Hacker was a patient man. Jamie Strange was the son of one of Hackers drinking buddies after he had worked on the case of Harry’s wife’s death, and liked to listening to tales about Harry’s lad growing up. He especially took an interest in the times his life crossed The Three Dogs.

The core of this story is set round one particular women, Lauren, who was the fiancée of Jamie until she left him for what she thought would be a better life to be with Frankie, who was by this time the head of the trio.

This is a cracking story not one of revenge but one of justice when the normal channels have let society down. Wow this is powerful, a real build up to a brilliant punch in the air moment. Just loved Jamie’s dad Harry. What a cool guy he was. I would love to read more of this author’s books. He certainly got my attention with this one.




Born in Leeds, England, the illegitimate son of a jazz musician and a factory girl, Robert White grew up hating school and was a regular truant. Joining Lancashire Constabulary in 1980 changed his life. He served for fifteen years, his specialism being close protection and tactical firearms. Robert then spent four years in the Middle East where he took up a training role, working alongside retired members of the UK and US military. Robert White’s novels regularly appear in Amazon’s top ten bestselling Crime and Action and Adventure charts. He captures the brutality of northern British streets in his work, combining believable characters, slick plots and vivid dialogue to immerse the reader in his fast-paced story-lines.




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