The Poisoner by Ryan Fitzgerald @olympiapub

Firstly I wish to thank Charlie Howell of Olympia Publishers  for inviting to me read and review The Poisoner by Ryan Fitzgerald



Joshua Chavender takes up his new post as Detective Chief Inspector of the Middleshire Constabulary, moving his wife and four daughters with him. Whilst still settling in – and accidentally poisoning his family with a prawn curry – a series of mysterious deaths, which seem as though they can be attributed to natural causes at first, begin to occur. With his team, DCI Chavender investigates, and comes to some interesting conclusions.


Well there is certainly a little bit of an embarrassing start for highly decorated DCI Joshua Chavender when he takes up his new position in the Middleshire Constabulary, as he poisons his family and puts them all in hospital. It isn’t the coolest entrance he could make. It was of course accidental but even so moving to a relatively gentle paced countryside position, in comparison to the city, it isn’t something his colleagues will ever forget.

When the number of sudden deaths begin to rise in the area DCI Chavender has that special extra something, that second sense that rings alarm bells in his head. He may be new but he is one determined bloke that pushes for an investigation into finding out if there are any links between the increasing body count victims and how someone could possibly murder them leaving no obvious trace behind.

Now although Chavender is a solid DCI he really hasn’t much of a clue how to act round women. Don’t get me wrong here, his wife Tiff is a real beauty with a bit of a past he would prefer kept hidden from his men at the station. He doesn’t quite rule the roost at home, especially in a household of 5 females! Tiff is sweet and loving but not someone to cross. When Miss Blaise, a reporter after an exclusive, gets the hots for Chavender, Tiff soon brings her to heel. Tiff knows how to get her way and put her foot down without arguing. She is my favourite character in the story.

Chavender for me is a little on the soft side but he gets the job done. He thinks of himself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, but with a wife and 4 daughters. He is methodical and fits into the already established team brilliantly. There were just one or two things that I sort of thought would that happen? Would he really do that? A second book could be interesting to see how he develops. The core of the story I really enjoyed, a good plot and a bad guy that was plausible. All in all a really good story I hope there is a follow on.



Ryan Fitzgerald is a semi-retired groundsman and gardener, with an interest in crime fiction, growing organic fruit and vegetables, World War Two, writing poetry and reading.


3 thoughts on “The Poisoner by Ryan Fitzgerald @olympiapub

  1. Hmm, sounds very interesting. Also props to the author! I personally am a bit fearful of having my books reviewed. Of course I believe that is because I think my more recent book is a lot better than the two that I wrote many years ago.


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