A Death in the Night (Hampstead Murders 4) by Guy Fraser-Sampson @GuyFSAuthor @urbanebooks #HampsteadMurders

A Death in the Night: Book 4 in the bestselling Hampstead Murders series by [Fraser-Sampson, Guy]


‘Mr Fraser-Sampson has presented readers with a neatly lacquered puzzle-box filled with golden-age trickery, as warm and timeless as crumpets and honey; a murder to curl up by the fire with on a winter’s night.’ –Christopher Fowler, bestselling author of the Bryant and May series

When a woman identified as the wife of a prominent lawyer dies at an exclusive women’s club, the team from Hampstead police station find themselves thrown into a baffling investigation with very little evidence to offer any guidance.

By coincidence,  were all attending a vintage dinner dance at the club at the estimated time of death. Can they remember anything between them which might indicate a solution?

Set against a background of professors, barristers, and serial adultery, the fourth in the Hampstead Murders series continues the pattern set by its predecessors: strong, character-driven contemporary narrative written in the spirit of the Golden Age of detective writing. Praised by leading crime-writers, and garnering rave reviews from book bloggers, the books have been described as elegant, intelligent, quirky and ‘a love letter to the detective novel’. All agree they are very ‘different’ from the standard fare of modern crime fiction.

‘Great characters and a gripping story – a modern take on the classic mystery story, this is the Golden Age in the 21st Century.’ – Dolores Gordon Smith, bestselling crime author

‘Engaging from start to finish, Guy Fraser-Sampson has penned another gem.’ – Leigh Russell, bestselling author of the Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel series


Well this is now the fourth Hampstead murder mystery book in the series and I was so very excited to be reading it. I love the olde world feel from this top-notch team of Detectives that appear in all of the books but is set firmly in present day. This is investigating with modern technology and old school thinking and it works so perfectly.

When the body of a woman is found in a hotel room at an exclusive women’s club she is thought to have died of natural causes by a Doctor also staying in the same hotel.  The authorities are informed and the body quickly despatched, much to the relief of the busy hotel that need to clean the room ready for the next guest. A further more detailed examination on the lady results in the police being called and a subsequent investigation into the mystery that now surrounds this lady’s death. The only thing is what potential evidence that could have been left behind has now been cleaned up and destroyed.

Oh my the team were certainly going to have their work cut out for them with this case, especially as a couple of rather large bloomers had already happened before they were even called in!  It really is a sharpen your pencils kind of investigation as the only way it can be solved now is by comparing the mountain of statements that are being taken, including those of Metcalfe, Collins and Willis who had been at a function at the club at the same time of the murder. So is a policeman ever off duty or will their sharp eyes and wit be the seal that solves the case?

As the investigation unfolds it leaves behind a debris of destroyed reputations from some of the highest respected offices of the Law. Plus a puzzle left in the room, where the lady was found. A real how? why? and who? murder mystery. A fascinating case for one of my favourite teams of Detectives. This is a time capsule of pure joy!


Guy Fraser-Sampson


Guy Fraser-Sampson is an established writer, having published not only fiction but also books on a diverse range of subjects including finance, investment, economics and cricket. His darkly disturbing economic history The Mess We’re In was nominated for the Orwell Prize.
His Mapp & Lucia novels have all been optioned by BBC TV, and have won high praise from other authors including Alexander McCall Smith, Gyles Brandreth and Tom Holt. The second was featured in an exclusive interview with Mariella Forstrup on Radio 4, and Guy’s entertaining talks on the series have been heard at a number of literary events including the Sunday Times Festival in Oxford and the Daily Telegraph Festival in Dartington.




Twitter : twitter.com/GuyFSAuthor


A Death in the Night: Book 4 in the bestselling Hampstead Murders series by [Fraser-Sampson, Guy]


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