Perfect Responses By Margaret K Johnson @margaretkaj


Three women are about the face the biggest challenges of their lives.

On holiday in The Gambia, Africa, Janet decides to back out of an impulsive marriage and is mistaken for a sex tourist after she is abandoned by her financé. Meanwhile, back in sleepy Norfolk, her daughter Debbie is hell-bent on a seemingly hopeless affair with Keith, her married boss, and her pregnant friend Kate has just married the love of her life only for him to mysteriously turn into a distant stranger overnight.

When a stranger turns up and starts to offer them advice, the three are sceptical at first. Who is this Nessa? And why is she so insistent on them following the advice in book called Staying in Neutral, Responses to Change Your Life?

The three don’t know it, but the book’s author, Corrinne Walker, is depending on them to use her advice to sort themselves out. Corrinne hasn’t lived her life according to her own advice, and now it’s got her in big trouble. In fact, her whole future depends on Nessa being able to help them to make perfect responses.

But will they be able to do it before it’s too late?

From the author of The Goddess Workshop and The Dare Club comes this story of challenge, self-fulfilment and the importance of courage and unshakeable love when everything seems impossible. A perfect beach read.

“Just finished Perfect Responses yesterday evening and it had me in tears. What a beautiful ending. What a heart-warming story, with very real, relatable characters I will actually wonder about for a while.”


This is such a lovely book to read and makes a perfect fun pick me up as the nights draw in or to whisk away on a far off beach. What a super concept, just one question for you, do you live by what you preach? Well after reading this book you may think twice about giving out advice unless you would follow it yourself.

Connie Walker, was in limbo, well I thought haven’t we all been there at some time but it soon became apparent that no, I definitely hadn’t been to this limbo. Was she dreaming or was this large duck really talking to her? It was hilarious, very explainable and very funny and no matter the severity of the conversation that was taking place, this duck was firmly imprinted in my mind saying these words. It is pure magic!

Now Connie isn’t really in this story much, Connie is an author of a book called Staying in Neutral, Responses to Change Your Life, where as a psychiatrist she gives advice about keeping your cool and making positive choices from any situation. Unfortunately when push came to shove, Connie lost the plot in her own life changing situation and boy it did make me giggle. A definite tissue moment for my laughter tears.

So is Connie’s advice any good or has she been misleading people all these years? Enter Nessa, everyone should have a Nessa because she has a natural calmness, she is your best friend, the person you want to be or go to in a crisis kind of lady.  Nessa never tells you what to do but she may guide you.

The story follows three woman, all connected to each other and all have their very individual problems and Nessa is about to become a prominent fixture in their lives. Are any of these troubled ladies prepared to take Connie’s advice in her book?

This is at times a very touching story as I got to know these characters really quickly and  found out about their inner secrets. Nessa was such a wonderful character that she felt natural to be anywhere. What a lovely good feel story this was to read . I really would love to see this made into a little series with Nessa missions. I shall smile for days!



Margaret K Johnson began writing after finishing at Art College to support her career as an artist. Writing quickly replaced painting as her major passion, and these days her canvasses lay neglected in her studio.

She is the author of both non-fiction and women’s fiction published by Omnific Publishing and Earthy Works Publishing. She also writes award-winning original fiction readers in various genres for people learning to speak English, published by Cambridge University Press and Cengage Learning.

An experienced adult education tutor, Margaret founded WriteUP Courses in early 2015, and works with those who want to use writing as therapy as well as those who want to become published authors. Margaret has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and lives in Norwich, UK with her partner and their bouncy son and dog.

Twitter: @margaretkaj

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