The Bleecker Street Bodies by Aaron S Gallagher (A Harry Demarko Mystery) @asgallagher2011



When Harry DeMarko, a former New York City police officer and now-private investigator, is asked by a friend on the force to look into the murder of a hooker close to his apartment he has no idea how dark his world is about to get. When one body becomes several bodies and the suspicion of his former colleagues turns to him, Harry is faced with a tough choice – back off, or keep pushing.


Street wise P.I. Harry DeMarko is a man who knows people, so it was no little wonder that one of his former work colleagues, from the New York City police, asked if he could help to throw some light on the murder of a hooker found on a back street of Bleecker,  not far from Harry’s apartment. Finding the killer of a hooker was not high on the city’s list of priorities, either through lack of man power or money, funds could be better spent in other areas. Harry is a real decent bloke that sees people as people not professions and makes it his mission to bring the tragic victim some justice. What’s more a hooker lives with Harry, well as a guest with no strings attached. Harry had taken her in so that when she wasn’t working she would be safe. Toni is quite a girl who can run rings round Harry, when it takes her fancy, I took to this elfin like sassy young woman straight away.

What begins as a ‘trick’ gone wrong with a client losing the plot, takes a turn into a string of unsolved murders that, with lack of a better phrase, ‘no-one gives a damn about’. I mean who is going to miss a hooker?

This isn’t a case of a serial killer out witting the police force, on the contrary, the police force haven’t even been bothered to investigate these, what they thought were, random murders! Harry needs one dirty great big shovel to uncover all them all but the more he does the bigger the hole is that he is digging for himself. Not everyone wants answers.

This is a cracking story, Harry at times comes over as quite a tough guy but you just have to love his soft side too. He still has connections in the Police Department as well as some of them being friends too which makes some of his tasks as P.I. is little easier and yet being a P.I. means he isn’t as restricted with the police rules. Harry has his own form of justice.

There is a brilliant balance of his working life and private life where at times they overlap. The relationship with Harry and Toni is a pretty unique one that is continually adapting to new situations. The next book in this new series has a very exciting feel about it.


Aaron S Gallagher

Aaron S Gallagher was born in Syracuse, New York and currently resides in Leander, Texas with his long-suffering wife, three rowdy teenagers, and a thoroughly indifferent cat.

His writing career began at a young age after he annexed an old mechanical typewriter from his mother. His work has appeared in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Ares Magazine, and Escape Pod . He has received both a semi-finalist and honorable mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. In between haranguing magazine editor he also wrote 17 books and refuses to stop.

His genres include crime fiction, science fiction, and drama. He prefers to read deep stories populated with characters that develop and breathe on their own, and endeavors to write the same. His goal is to create new worlds, compelling characters, and to bring something unique into the world experienced.



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