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The story of how The Earl of Marchion who owes £7.8m in Death Duties, thought he could kidnap, smuggle and cheat his way out of paying them. But he didn’t reckon on the skills of an 11 year old African girl or her crusading lawyer Mr Brogan McLane QC.








This is the second book in the series although I believe that it could be enjoyed as a standalone book. This is such a tragic story of human trafficking and the appalling ways in which children can be shamefully used and abused all for greed and profit. The opening scenes set in Africa are unthinkable. I just couldn’t get my mind round what little value a man put on his children. I don’t mean monetary I mean in the human sense, God damn it these were his flesh and blood and it was like he was selling chickens. I was stunned. The sad thing is this story is based on a real little girl, Ababuo and at that I cried.

This is my second outing with Brogan McLane QC and although I loved the first book I felt like I was home with this one. This is a legal thriller set in the Crown Courts but Brogan McLane always seems to get entangled far more than any normal QC would do. He does really get stuck right into the heart of the investigation side of things, playing a very dangerous game at times.  He is married to Joanne who really shines in this story for me. The whole case becomes very personal for Brogan McLane and his wife, with some very moving scenes.

Some people may seem to have everything but to what lengths will they go to make sure that they keep what they have? This is a story about wealth, power and the value of a life, a little girl who has been through and seen too much. She is a package. Not the good stuff inside but just the vessel to carry to valuables. This story tests the whole judicial system and the men that thought they were above the law.

This isn’t a book that you can casually read, it is one where you really need to be involved with the events and who is who in return you get a story that will stay with you way after you have finished reading it. There is a lot of court jargon so make sure that you familiarise yourself with the Glossary at the front of the book before you start reading. As the book is set in Scotland there is also quite a bit of Scottish accents used which you will get the hang of as I did. It all goes to make it one very authentic story.

This is turning into a series to keep my eye one. Just loving it! Already got book three in the series ready to read.



John Mayer would love to be a top-flight blues guitar player and have dated Jennifer Aniston. But what he did achieve, amongst other things was to be a 1970s Indie Record Producer before becoming a top-flight Advocate in the Supreme Court of Scotland where he specialised in international child abduction: rescuing the children, not abducting them, of course.

In his youth, John was shot! Twice! Once in Glasgow, Scotland and once in New York City. John attacks everything he does with passion. And that’s what he brings to his writing.



The Parliament House Books.
The Trial Book 1
The Order Book 2
Also now available three prequels;
The Cross
The Cycle
The Boots
Coming soon
The Bones Book 3





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