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Firstly I wish to thank Kate Moloney for inviting me to take part on this blog tour for Witch Dust by Marilyn Messik



For Sandra, daughter of illusionists, Adam and Ophelia, life’s never been run of the mill! But when Adam’s wandering eye lights on yet another conquest, it proves a chorus girl too far, and Sandra’s caught in the reverberations of her parents acrimonious parting. Coerced into restoring her depressed Mother to the bosom of a family Sandra never knew existed, she’s sucked into a situation that even for her is unnerving.
From being without a single relative, she suddenly acquires several she’d rather do without, and learns a few home truths she’d prefer not to know. Ophelia, it appears, has not been entirely honest about any number of things. There’s no doubt in Sandra’s mind, the sooner she puts as much distance as possible between herself, her newly discovered nearest and dearest, their peculiar tendencies and their failing hotel business, the happier she’s going to be.
Dire straits call for desperate measures and Sandra reluctantly rises to the occasion. A hanged housemaid, a fly-on-the-wall documentary, The Psychic Society and a quasi co-operative journalist all handled correctly should, she reckons, get the family business up and running, which will allow her to do the same – as fast as she can, and in the opposite direction. Things unfortunately move swiftly from bad to farce and then get a hell of a lot darker. One moment Sandra’s struggling to save the family’s income, the next, she’s battling to save their lives.



This is such a lovely good feel and 100% fun book to read with a sprinkle of darkness thrown in too, I just loved it. Every child wants a bit of magic in their lives but when you are surrounded by it I suppose it becomes just every day normal. Adam and Ophelia were illusionists at the top of their game so their daughter Sandra was more than use to seeing dad throw knives at her mum. Sandra, now grown up, noticed that at times odd things happened that no one else seemed to pick up on, a little sort of jump in time, just for a split second when she thought a knife or such was heading towards her mum rather than just missing. If she ever questioned it people always seemed to dodge the answer.

After a fallout between her mum and dad, Ophelia takes Sandra with her to visit relatives that she had been told simply didn’t exist and what starts as a visit to this failing family hotel of the most bizarre people you could meet just made me want to book in. Sandra always yearned for more family but these people are not like, to put it bluntly, normal. What begins as a visit turns into something much more.

What a super book this is. I loved the humour and full on colourful eccentric and magical characters that just filled my mind. Such a lot of people but each one having their own quirkiness and abilities that they were all so easy to remember. The story is told by Sandra, which I loved as when she was shocked, angry or just simply funny then that was what I felt. It was like we were discovering everything together with never a dull moment. What Sandra had found shocking to start with soon becomes her new normal. The chapters are a nice length to give you a chunk of the story but short enough to get a quick chapter in too with a coffee break. It is all a visual reading experience. Just pure magic!




Marilyn was a regular feature and fiction writer for various national magazines when her children were small. She then set up her first business, selling toys, books and party goods from home, before opening first one shop then another. When she sold both shops she moved into the world of travel, focusing on Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns in New England, USA. Her advisory, planning and booking service flourished and she concurrently launched a publishing company, producing an annual, full-colour accommodation guide. In 2007 she set up a copywriting consultancy, to help businesses shape their messages to optimum effect.

She’s the author of the Little Black Business Book series and the novels Relatively Strange and Even Stranger. She’s been married to her very patient husband for more years than he deserves and they have two children, five grandchildren and, somewhat to their surprise, several grand-dogs. Her writing style has been described as ‘A cross between Stephen King and Maureen Lipman.’ although, as she points out, she’s not sure either of them would be remotely thrilled to hear that!



Facebook: marilyn.messik.5

Twitter: @marilyn_messik

Goodreads Author Page: http://tinyurl.com/m29fqod


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