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Firstly I wish to thank Sarah Hardy of Bloodhound Books for inviting me on this Blog tour for DEATH WISH by Linda Huber



When Leo decides to go into business with his mother-in-law he soon realises his mistake. Eleanor is the mother-in-law from hell and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her daughter, Ashley, has her own reasons for hating her mother. The atmosphere is toxic and old wounds refuse to heal.

Next door, eight-year-old Joya has a difficult life.

Her parents argue constantly and her grandmother, who lives with them, is approaching death.

Soon these two families will collide and the consequences might just be fatal…

Linda Huber is the best-selling author of Baby Dear



I loved this book that from the outset it really is quite heart breaking two mothers and two daughters but the relationships they have is very different.

This is two very extreme looks at how different the mother daughter relationship can be. One mother wanting to end life because of terminal illness while her daughter wants her to live. The other wanting rid of her mother while the mother still controls her daughter and makes her miserable. The effect of these relationships have now branched out to ruin their own families.

When the story begins though someone’s mother is definitely well and truly dead with getting rid of the body the only thing left to do. The thing is I hadn’t a clue who it was. I really needed to know what was going on here. Linda Huber had got me again!

Linda Huber is so very talented every book that she writes is so very different from the last one but always something that I can relate to in a human interest sort of way. This book is no different and tackles two very sad topics. One is being able to choose when to die if there is no hope and the effect on the rest of the family. If you had a chance to know if you had the disease would you want to know? It really is personal choice.

The other I shall have to let you find out about in the book. Both these stories I could very much relate to. What I love is the rugged truth she has in her writing she calls a spade a spade and doesn’t flower it up.

There was only one character in the story that I didn’t really like and that is the spiteful Eleanor, one of the mums. The others I felt were just under tremendous pressure one way or another. The star of the book though was Joya an eight year old little girl in the story. If only we could all stay so sweet life would be so much better for everyone.

I wish to thank Bloodhound Books for an ARC of this book which I have honestly reviewed.



Linda grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty-two, and has lived there ever since. Her day jobs have included
working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle. Not to mention several years spent as a full-time mum to two boys, a rescue dog, and a large collection of guinea pigs.

Her writing career began in the nineties, when she had over fifty short stories published in women’s magazines. Several years later, she discovered
the love of her writing life – psychological suspense fiction. Her seventh novel, Death Wish, will be published by Bloodhound Books in August 2017.






One thought on “Death Wish by Linda Huber #BlogTour #NewRelease @LindaHuber19 @BloodhoundBook

  1. Thank you, Susan – I’m so glad you liked Death Wish! I loved creating Joya and her little world – my books all have child characters, but this is the first time I’ve given a child a ‘voice’ in the story, and it was fun.

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