Someone Else’s Life by Bradd Chambers @braddchambers




Ten years ago, Jill Yates was found dead in a back alley. DI Dawson came under massive scrutiny for not finding the perpetrator faster.


Now, teens are getting attacked again. When one is brutally killed, James Kingston must fight for his innocence, or risk giving up everything he loves.


In 2008, the murder of teenager Jill Yates shocked the small sleepy town of Rong Valley. The police department, and especially DI Dawson, got scrutinised publicly at the ignorance and recklessness of their investigation, and the length it took to find the culprit.

Now, almost ten years later, there’s a child killer stalking the streets again. Desperate to not make the same mistakes again, DI Dawson pulls out every stop to make sure the attacker is found before his reputation is left in tatters once again.

19-year-old James Kingston attends the same school as the victims, and is seen as ‘a weirdo’ by his peers because every university rejected him, forcing him to repeat his final year. He strives to prove his innocence in the attacks to his classmates, his parents and DI Dawson.

But with no alibi on the nights of the murders because he’s got a huge secret, he’s finding it hard.



There is a crazy person attacking kids in Rong Valley but can the police do a better job at catching them than they did ten years ago?

Now this vicious attacker is some wicked stalker that had cunning and patience to wait for the right moment to pounce. The victim had to meet a certain criteria in a random sort of way. Each  victim was in the last years of school and known to each other but could be male or female. As a reader I was in this damaged mind that was filled with hate and envy equally. The groups these people hung out in were all the same, they all had everything including a sense of belonging, or at least that is what the attacker sees. As they all head for home after a night out, the attacker would assess each one. Which would be the easiest to bring down? The smallest, the drunkest? The attack would leave them in excruciating pain but the damage it would  do to them emotionally would last a life time. But best laid plans sometimes don’t work out.

Although the story follows the attacker on each outing it is told through many different people, one in particular is James Kingston a lad that seems to get everyone’s back up and has plenty to hide. The police, especially DI Dawson is determined to catch this child attacker on his patch fast, he had already suffered at the hands of bad publicity and the press some years earlier when working on a murder case so was his past making him jump to the wrong conclusions this time?

There is a sort of ‘slasher’ type build in this story which does work well and to be honest you will be hard pressed to guess who the attacker is. I liked the ‘look behind you’ feel as Bradd Chambers does build atmosphere, tension and a fear factor in this his debut novel. He also has a real sense of capturing the different teenage personalities, from the over confident mouthy ones to the quiet everyone hates me. This is a book definitely worth reading from an author that is showing early potential.

Bradd Chambers is also bringing out a prequel to this book later in the year, a novella called Our Jilly which is now high on my must buy list when it is released.  You can carry on reading at the end of this story for a little taster.



Bradd Chambers grew up on the outskirts of Derry~Londonderry in Northern Ireland. From a young age, he started reading and writing stories.

He exceeded in English at school, and went on to obtain an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism at his local college, before graduating with a 2:1 in the same subject from Liverpool John Moores University.

He has studied Creative Writing for years at colleges around the UK. He currently writes for several online magazines.

His first novel, ‘Someone Else’s Life,’ is out June 30th!

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